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Eichmann was captured in Argentina on May 11th, Second World War South America. Related Articles. Eichmann in the dock again. Menstruation and the Holocaust. The Other Catalina. Get Miscellanies , our free weekly long read, in your inbox every week. Third read and I still love this as much as the first time. Full review to come. View all 4 comments.

This book I thought you guys were my friends! I thought you knew me! You had to know that it would be like magical rainbows made of the best chocolate ever to me. You all let me down. It is the funniest, craziest, sassiest, most original story ever! I'm not over-selling this at all.

I knew from the first line in this book that I was going to be This book Yeah, love at first sight for me and this baby. Our hero is Sam, a wizard's apprentice. His best friend is Gary, a gay hornless unicorn. Don't even think of calling him a horse. He gets pretty angry about that, and you don't want to see Gary angry. Consider him like Hulk. To start the story, Hulk smashes an annoying bad guy who monologues for way too long.

This smashing will come back to haunt our friends over and over again as they adventure through magical forests and stuff. Their quest: Saving the jerk-ass prince in time for his gay wedding to Ryan, the knight. Ryan is not just any knight, he's Sam's crush, so this wedding thing kind of sucks for him. To help Sam, the king sets up a party where he invites a bunch of gay bachelors to meet Sam in hopes of hooking him up. That's what you call a cool king. The king is awesome in so many ways. Here is where Sam is painting the king's portrait: King regally posed next to a stained-glass window.

I had the easel set up a few feet away from him as I studied him closely, wanting to make sure I got his likeness just right. Okay, that was a lie. My muse is obviously a surrealist and I must follow her into the artistic abyss. I have so much puce. He's a total KILF. It's been years and yet still Sam meets one guy that he likes a bit, Todd, so he goes to dinner with him. Unfortunately, there is not one thing in the restaurant that Sam can eat because it's Duck and Blueberry night and he's allergic to both. He doesn't hold that against Todd.

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And all encompassing. Did I mention Todd's a nervous wreck too? Maybe not the Food of Death thing. That's some good encouragement. Okay, so quick story: We used to go to this one restaurant a lot and to get there, my husband would always take this shortcut through an alley and I would get all weird about it because it was in my mind sketchy.

We nicknamed the alley "the alley of death" and the kids still tease me about it today. Mostly because I was nervous about a perfectly safe passageway in an affluent area that was well-lit and short. But, hey, in my defense, there could have been ax-carrying killers there, behind the Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I swear, my family are a bunch of assholes.

I know you wanted to have this information. But anyway. If there is still someone reading my rambling thoughts at this point The majority of the book is about the journey that Sam, Gary, Ryan, and the giant take. They meet up with a bunch of hilarious side-characters including a dragon named Kevin. And, sassiness is on every page. Down with the system and all that. So, to wrap this thing up, let me just say that if you are into sassy-gay-buddy-adventuring-fantasy-romance novels, this is the one for you. Oh, and there is some explicit gay sex involved, so either beware or be excited - it's up to you.

Re-Read Audible version 2. The huge array of characters and absolutely distinct personalities he had to give voice to was staggering and he delivered genuine perfection. I can't stress enough how stunning it was to hear these so-loved characters given life through their own voice, each one so completely what I imagined them as.

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Except for Re-Read Audible version 2. Except for the ones that were unimaginable. The only thing that was different for me here was how much more emotional the last part of the book was than I remembered, getting to hear everything in Sam's voice. I definitely got teary-eyed more this time around. But for all that, most of the tears were from laughter and I'll never be tired of this world. If you love this story, or even if you've never read it before, please treat yourself to the audiobook. It's not to be missed!

Kisses to Josy for talking me into it! It was like T. Klune won a bet to write the most over the top, outrageous and ridiculous thing he could possibly come up with. And he won BIG , baby. Let me be clear. I am not in the least fond of over the top humor. For example, I'm the only person I know who doesn't like Will Ferrell. Not a fan, at all. But every damn thing about this got me.

And that's not even close to everything that was so awesome. Klune book and I'm an instant fangirl. My gods, he does it again. By now TJ Klune is among my absolute favorite authors, the man can write a dialogue, he can write a love story, and he can make you feel for the characters like no one else. Also his style is so distinct, that you have no doubt it is one of his books you are reading.

If you are a fan of Bear, Otter and the Kid-series you will love this as well. Just be aware that some of the characters in this book is a tad bit more inappropriate in the best possible way compared to My gods, he does it again. Just be aware that some of the characters in this book is a tad bit more inappropriate in the best possible way compared to the other works of Mr. I am absolutely positive that this is a book I will read again and again. View all 12 comments. Jul 20, Isabel rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone!!!! Shelves: best-ever , can-t-stop-tears , erotica , fantasy , favorite-mm , funny , m-m , to-re-read , kinky.

This book is absolutely perfect! I've cried and cried There is nothing in this book that I didn't love, there wasn't a single moment that I wanted to skip some pages, and there is this joy for reading such a fantastic story, fabulously written that captivated me from the beginning and that made me read it almost without pause. All characters are amazing, even the Darks! All so peculiar and sensational!

I will re-read it soon, I want to feel everything again! View all 8 comments.

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Shelves: 5stars , i-reread , my-read-mm , mm-all-books , 1-favorites , my-read-mm , i-read-series. View all 22 comments. What in the ever-loving hell was that? This book is so silly and ridiculous, it isn't even funny. And that is a total lie, because it's absolutely hilarious. Non-stop slapstick, banter, bickering, sassing, puns and innuendos. This book was Stop making it weird. It's already pretty weird.

Adolf Eichmann kidnapped in Argentina

No official rank Oh. No official ranking. I guess it's easiest to say that he was beloved, in his way. People had an affection for him, even if he was a bit out there. I couldn't stop the smile if I'd wanted to. Because you're awesome. I looked at them. A hornless gay unicorn built out of rainbows and bitchiness. A half-giant who wanted to smash everything. A dragon who winked and flicked his tongue at me. A prince who I wanted to protect but also punch in the face. A knight I had a heart boner for. The rest of the rabble, however, all the more.

I've taken a particularly big shine to Morgan, Sam's asexual, sarcastic mentor, and Tiggy, the protective-destructive, mentally slow half-giant. About halfway through, I started skimming most of the conversations because sometimes, they were just too much for me to take. Bottom line: It took me quite a while to get through this, but in the end it was totally worth it. Though you'll definitely have to be in the right mood in order to enjoy the madness that is this book. View all 23 comments. Shelves: romance-m-m-novels , books-i-read Simply crazy Fun and Fabulous.

A pages novel published last summer by T. Add an impressing average GR rating of 4. A "must read" in other words. I'm impressed. I listened to the hrs audiobook narrated by Michael Lesley and I'm totally exhausted but glad I did it. Kind of a EPIC "read" A book about love, friendship and life's important questions and matters. Sam who has a tremendous ability to get into all kinds of struggle, clutter and mess, despite the fact that everyone loves him, in this fantasy world.

Here are also all Sam's hilarious special friends. Sam's two besties; the witty quite flamboyant gay without a horn Unicorn Gary and the big-hearted but slightly stupid Half-giant Tiggy. In the center of this story is of course also Sam's secret big crush, the gorgeous Knight Commander Ryan Foxheart and unfortunately also Prince Justin , Ryan's betrothed. Halfway in to this story is a new friend, the horny and naughty but enormous romantic Dragon Kevin , taking a natural place in this lovely gang.

There is of course.. Not much heat workshop, more occasional shimmering sweet kisses, but after all there are a lot of hints and fantasies. If anything is this a very talkative story. Imagine theater.. The charm is actually ultimately all this talking, talking, talking. There are joking, funny bantering, wacky discussions and long conversations that never ends — they all like to chatter and are sometimes quite near the limit of long-winded. I chuckled, giggled and felt the sweet fairytale atmosphere.

They were grinning at me, wide and toothy. The audiobook narrator Michael Lesley is simply great a perfect choice and I guess he did this even funnier because this IS a fantastic funny read or listening for us adults, still young at heart and with the imagination there, to laugh with and truly enjoy. My only complaint is that there are way to much of "Gary said..

About that topic: view spoiler [ I wish, when doing this audiobook, they had just skipped a lot of those unnecessary and often meaningless small "someone said" words. Applauses for Mr. I guess he had a hilarious time. For me was this perfect as a daily one or two hours episode book. Sometimes there are too 'much' jokes, to much talking and it becomes a bit lengthy. So very crazy at times and I felt dizzy But all in all, this is a hilarious funny and a well done story.

Read or listen and enjoy. I guarantee laughter and giggles. I will never forget all incomparably charming characters here. There isn't enough time or place to mention all of you so just like in a well prepared acceptance speech: No one mentioned no one forgotten, THANKS! View all 31 comments. Every fucking one of them. I spend a lot of time in my car commuting.

I hate it. I like my job, I love the people I work with, but again, my commute? I hate it sooooo hard. So, when the commute from hell started a few years ago I got started listening to audio books. What better way is there to sit in traffic than to listen to a man tell me a story and at some point or 10 talk dirty to me?

There is no better way, just so you know.

No Fear Literature

Then I started listening and I had so much fucking fun I was ecstatic! Besides the absolute hilarity of his writing, he manages to sneak real feels in there giving the story and characters depth that sneak up on you like a tackle hug, make you happy in your heart and grin like a loon.

I fell in love with every character, even the ones I should hate. I loved hating Tina at the fan club FFS. I am truly amazed at how he managed to have a completely unique voice and tone for each character. It was like being in the middle of a one man play that is so elaborate you forget you are only listening to one man. I was trying to figure out who my favorite character is and I gave up shortly into listening. Sam had me wrapped around his magical little finger and then Gary came along and I would follow his Unicornian buns anywhere.

I was telling a friend about The Lightning-Struck Heart not long into listening. I walked into the office and he asked me what I was snortling about and I told him all about Sam and Ryan and Gary and Tiggy and etc. Now this friend is relatively new to the wonder that is the MM romance world. He had no idea these stories and this world even existed.

Anywho, I babble. I immediately went online and bought him a copy. View all 14 comments. Jan 12, Finished the audio. Thoughts: it was hilarious. Listen to it. Not much to say besides, "It's Klune. He makes me cry from heartbreak and joy. This is some good shite I tell you! Feb 04, Alvin rated it it was amazing Shelves: first-timers , slow-burn , wanted-uso-long , light , lol , magical , best-of Unfortunately, Ryan is betrothed to the kingdom's Prince Justin. And then Prince Justin was taken away by a sexually aggressive dragon.

So the King asked Sam, Ryan, and their friends: a hornless gay unicorn named Gary and a half giant named Tiggy to rescue Justin. XD Get it? It's funny, silly and crazy. The characters and their banter is awesome. Everything was clicking. When I started this book, I immediately felt how great the story will be. The author's writing is just phenomenal. Some issues though, there were times that the characters' voices become similar.

And the banter is at times too much. I like Tiggy, but after the early chapters, all he says is he wants to smash something. I missed Klune's writing. And I dig light-hearted and funny stories. And this one is really great at it. A must read. Can you feel me Like I feel you Can our hearts still be together? This boook!!!!!! OK in some parts it was super cheesy, cheesy enough that I was snort laughing so hard and I didnt care who was looking at me. I wish I snorted rainbows and candy.

Fuck you Gary. In the face. I want to be able to do that!!!! Just a small teaser " What's wrong with my mouth? View all 5 comments. Oct 10, Cristopher rated it it was amazing. Its hilarious. Its entertaining. Its awesome. Its heart melting. Its big on crazy. It made me oh.. Its hands-down the funniest book I've ever had the lucky chance to read to date. ICOS, its your fault, you had to end. You two did such a wonderful job my shoulders were shaking with glee the whole time I was in this journey.

Okay, prob not the whole time, but most of the time! And was it all just funny?? Oh boy.. The feels man, the one that would make you sigh, and look at the stars and wish they wouldn't hurt anymore, the one that'd make you want to get a blanket and wrap them and pat their heads and say everything would be alright at the end.

But then they'd drop a one liner that would just make you laughing again hysterically. And you'll squeeze your eyes, pinching the bridge of your nose, and ask "why do I even bother? The story is about this guy Sam Haversford who grew up from the slums and found himself in the castle as the King Wizard's apprentice Morgan of Shadows after accidentally putting teenage dicks into stone.

All he wanted was to be a great wizard, and make his parents, Morgan and The King proud. Until he met Knight Ryan Foxheart. His ultimate crush and the main cast of all his masturbatory fantasies. Convinced that Ryan is totally out of his league, he didn't attempt to make his feelings known and would always run away whenever the Knight is within his proximity.

Until one day, the Knight got engaged with the Grand Prince Justin. Of couse, Sam broke his heart. Yes, dragon. Gary and Tiggy you asked? GARY you see is a gay-hornless-talking-diva-bitchy unicorn. Yes unicorn, and yes hornless. Yes half giant whose voice I absolutely love! So the crazy party went. Sam trying so hard not to fall for the Knight. And then, the Knight, unexpectedly trying so hard to stop his feelings as well.. But could they..?

Forbidden Love - Stolen Women, Captured Hearts Trailer

Its about being strong and continuing on even if it hurts. Its about taking chances and hoping It aint all about laughters. Its also tears a bit of. And fire geckos, naked fairies, stupid dark wizards, talking lizard, truth corns and many more.. Crazy eh? And yea. It has HEA as expected. I mean, I really had no idea a book could make me guffaw until this. So if you're feeling down like I was when I started this , this could help making things a bit brighter.

He's turning out to be one of my favorite! View all 32 comments. Jan 05, Gail Carriger rated it it was amazing Shelves: funny , fantasy , queer , favorites , romance , reviewed. Northanger Abbey By: Jane Austen. Notes from Underground By: Fyodor Dostoevsky. Number the Stars By: Lois Lowry. Obasan By: Joy Kogawa.

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