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It's not so much what They say, exactly, it's the spirit behind the words. It was obvious he had found his Home. The next day, while David and Mana were talking together in the living room, David asked to speak with The Elohim. They responded immediately, and began to relate to him through Mana's body. She sat up straight and took on a regal countenance; her shoulders lowered, her eyes narrowed, and her lips formed a small Buddha-like smile. Mostly, They sat there silently, happy and radiant, and filled the room with thick, tangible light -- like a bath.

In Their presence David relaxed, and showered Them with heartfelt expressions of love and devotion. He was so happy to be with Them. Thereafter, David called on The Elohim frequently, and They always arrived the second he called. In the beginning, whenever The Elohim came, They would meditate with David for a long time. As it was with The Goddess, They couldn't talk easily for a while, because They hadn't yet gained much fluidity in Mana's body.

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So David and The Elohim would simply sit together in his living room, facing one another with eyes open, and enjoy a loving communion together. The room would swell with light. The Elohim meditations were tremendously uplifting for David, and also for Mana.

In her words:. The Elohim's consciousness shined so brightly that all the physical objects in the room seemed to disappear into an ocean of light. Sometimes David's form would reappear before me, like an apparition emerging out of the light, not solid; but then the energy would intensify again, and I wouldn't be able to see him.

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David always felt nurtured, healed, and strengthened by that. So deliberately, You have pumped this light into my life. It is enjoyed greatly.

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Appreciated greatly. Thank You, thank You for this service of light. David was relieved and grateful to finally have Someone so comprehending, so sensitive, so willing, to consider his ideas, answer his questions, resolve his confusions, correct his misapprehensions, and validate his highest values. The Elohim quickly earned a central role in his life. After each meeting, the difference in David was visible. His face was radiant, beautiful, soft, full; soaked in sweetness and light. Peace flowed from his eyes.

He would walk around the house, purposefully sharing the beautiful love that had been given him with everybody he could find. The blessings he conveyed were profound.

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We would all feel so healed, loved, and delighted. Soon we set up a video camera in the living room, and began filming the visits with The Elohim. To better understand the structure of living beings across the plains of existence we will draw our parallel from the Kabbalah tree of life.

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