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Which is too bad. Not only that, his songwriting is sharp throughout, including some of his most tongue-in-cheek humorous, charmingly vulnerable, and unabashedly romantic material. First of all, Springsteen chose the wrong song to introduce the song to the world. The title track is amiable enough and it works within the context of the album. Then there were the promotional efforts that Springsteen undertook for the album.

Maybe there was some fatigue there, especially considering how quickly the album followed on the heels of Magic. The album as a whole glides along light on its feet, full of sweetness and emotion. Springsteen likes to use the story as proof that Clemons, the E Street Band's personal Paul Bunyan, can blow the doors off any room he's in. We're not the only people celebrating Bruce's birthday.

One might consider October 19, , "the night Rosalita died. Springsteen biographer Dave Marsh has said the song was to disrupt the expectation of ritual from the fans and remind them that the Boss was in charge. Carter's only performance with Springsteen was his drum track on "Born to Run. Towards the end of the song, the band cuts out and Bruce starts singing over Max's drums. A few seconds into it, Max loses the beat and noticeably slows down the song. Bruce inspires some pretty extreme acts of fandom besides this post, I mean.

Bruce Springsteen surprises audience at Billy Joel concert

In all, they ranked and wrote about sometimes at length songs. In , a Houston radio station poked some fun at Springsteen's epic concerts by having early-morning deejays claim that the show Springsteen started the night before was still going on. When Springsteen played near Washington, D. His written reply was, allegedly, "I don't like you. I don't like your boss. I don't like what you did. Thank you. I turned to Howard and said "That man standing on the piano is in complete control of the building.

One of the things I love about Bruce is his absolute mastery of his craft. I can't think of a better band leader and entertainer. He is entirely comfortable, at home, and happy on stage, in complete control of the building. His mastery comes out in his song selections and arrangements, in the emotional arc and pacing of his shows, and in his quarterbacking of his band. While he's a great vocalist and musician, his greatest talent may be his songwriting. Bruce writes extraordinary songs to which we each connect in our own way. By writing so openly and honestly about his life, he encourages us to think about ours.

Some songs act as mirrors through which I reflect on matters in my own life. Others are windows into issues and questions in other people's lives and in the world around me. His music and lyrics entertain and inspire me, and his songs continue to be great company on my life's journey. He's not my wife, or a puppy. On the other hand, I do write a whole Springsteen blog, which some would say puts me in restraining order territory.

So why is it? I suppose it could be how he annoyed snooty grammarians the world over when he wished that "these Badlands start treating us good. No offense, Fergie. Also, by playing raucous concerts while pushing 60, he makes us feel like there is hope for middle age, even if just standing through one of those concerts at age 40 makes my ankles hurt for three days.

Hyde Park: A Final Thought

He can even inspire people with small children and ankle pain to actually go to a show that doesn't feature a Muppet or a guy in a dinosaur suit. And he can make those same people feel like we did at 16, when music mattered and rock n' roll could set us free, and maybe even save the world. And if that's not worthy of a little love, I guess I don't know what is.

Matt Soniak: Some of my most vivid childhood memories involve driving home on summer nights from the amusement park, a backyard barbecue, wherever, there were a lot of nights like this, my mom and my brother would be asleep in the backseat and I'd be up front next to my dad, the Springsteen fanatic.

We would, more often than not, be listening to Born to Run. I don't think I really had any interest in music at that age, and I really didn't get it, but I knew I liked that album. My father died one New Year's Eve almost a decade ago, so I never got a chance to really understand him or connect with him anymore than a stubborn teenager can connect with his equally stubborn father. I've had Born to Run this whole time, though, so I've been able to grasp that a little better. And because of his attachment to it, that album and, really, all of Springsteen's music , has been the lens through which I've come to understand him—if only just a little bit.

Seth Saith "Welcome!"

It may not be better than wherever it is you wind up, and the journey there may be just as awful, but Bruce has a way of making even the worst, most miserable moments in life sound so downright majestic. Good or bad, if that sax solo is the soundtrack to anything you do, you're lucky to have experienced it. A special thanks to Rick and Peter for taking the time to gush talk about Bruce with us, and to Erica Palan, who contributed some E Street trivia.

Although the word roadie may conjure up images of non-stop partying with rock stars, the reality is that most work unglamorous, physically and emotionally demanding jobs. They lug the gear, set up the instruments, manage the stage, run the sound, sell the merch, drive the bus, and generally do whatever it takes to make concerts possible.

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  2. Blues for Bela.
  3. Power Of Thought.
  4. For Sir;
  5. The Achilles Effect: What Pop Culture is Teaching Young Boys about Masculinity.

Mental Floss talked to a few roadies who probably wish we'd stop calling them that—see below to get the inside scoop. Some roadies who worked in the s through the s later wrote books bragging about their sexual conquests, wild partying, and drug use while on the road. Morgan Paros, a violinist and singer based in Los Angeles, says that the generic term roadie seems slightly derogatory now. Most roadies work to hour days. A typical day for her starts with a 6 a. After a long day of problem-solving, booking flights and hotels, and making sure the crew is taken care of, she ends her day at or 2 a.

Being on the road can be hard work. Tour conditions offer minimal privacy and maximum mess. David, a front-of-house sound engineer based in New York, also describes the dirty working conditions in many venues. Good luck not getting sick.

So why do roadies subject themselves to the long hours and less-than-glamorous conditions? Some roadies also get into it because they love traveling all over the world, seeing new cities, and meeting new people. Being a roadie is a lifestyle rather than just a job. Because they travel so frequently for work, roadies often struggle to maintain relationships with loved ones. Technology such as FaceTime and Skype has made keeping up with family, friends, and significant others easier, but it can still be a challenge to find privacy to make phone calls.

Most awful promoters or venues, though, are usually due to simple misunderstandings. Backed by a tight band, Jake alternated with impressive dexterity between guitar, piano, and saxophone over the course of the evening. He also spoke movingly of what his uncle, friend, and father-figure Clarence meant to him, and of how profoundly he was affected by Clarence's loss.

Jake said that he is effectively living two lives now, having undertaken to carry on Clarence's "mission to spread joy throughout the universe". In all, the night showed that Jake is well-suited for the mission he's accepted, leaving no doubt that he will carry it forward with skill and soul. Offered separately, each has been signed by Nils in silver sharpie. You can read more about the auctions and see a video on nilslofgren. Bruce would like to meet Sid Bernstein," from one of the Hall of Fame staffers.

Sid told me later on our TV show that because of Bruce's fight to stop ticket gouging at concerts, Sid had gained a lot of respect for him. Bernstein's illustrious career — which also included booking the Beatles at Shea Stadium and managing the Young Rascals — was celebrated in the documentary Sid Bernstein Presents Bernstein was 95 years old; may he rest in peace. Here in the middle, he'll be calling in to the weekly Bruce Brunch radio show Sunday morning on the Jersey Shore's Host Tom Cunningham tells us that Jake is the the third member of the Clemons family to hit his program, and in addition to some chat, they'll be premiering Jake's new song, "You Must Be Crazy.

Also check out Jake's newly revamped website, with videos, merch, and more, at jakeclemons. Jo Lopez is buddies with these guys, and he has great things to say about their show. You can expect to hear everything from the greatest hits to rarities — and the band encourages requests, so bring your signs! Tickets for the Paramount show in Huntington are available through Ticketmaster ; The Rising will also be playing the following day, September 14, in Atlantic City.

For more on the tribute, visit therising.

In Europe, Uncle Sam Has Lost Popularity, but the Boss Rocks - WSJ

We also post dates for The Rising and selected other Springsteen tribute bands on our Concert Calendar. General onsale for both shows is 9am local time on Monday, Augsut Since , Burton's distinctive guitar-playing with various artists on numerous recordings over the decades has played a major, influential role. Burton continued to perform and record with Presley for the rest of Elvis's life. Like Bruce Springsteen, Burton remains a lifelong musician, continuing to perform and record both on his own and with others. We were thrilled and honored to present James with an early birthday present: a hard-to-find copy of Backstreets Magazine issue 80 now out of print , containing our feature on the various connections between Elvis Presley and Bruce Springsteen and sporting the great "Boss Elvis" photo on the back.

Presenting James Burton with a copy of Backstreets was a way of thanking him, too, for his inspirational role in the recording of the song that gave us our name. As Mike Appel, who co-produced Born to Run , recalled for us back in , "We were doing 'Backstreets' and I said 'Let's try to do an identifiable solo.

And James Burton plays the solo. And I pointed out how wonderful that solo was. That prompted the solo on 'Backstreets. He thought about it for a minute or so and he said, 'Roy Orbison. Bruce was great. He jumped up there and he knew everything. His timing was perfect; everything was great. Bruce and I were switchin' licks and had a great time. He recalled catching a performance by Bruce on television that particularly impressed him as a fellow guitarist. It was so cool to see him in that moment by himself with an acoustic guitar and singing.

It was wonderful. He's a great showman. Onstage, he's got so much energy. He's all over the place. Y'know, the great thing about Bruce today and 'Born to Run' is the fact that he's still running. He's still doing it, man, and that's great.

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And I am, too I love it. He's even suggested a potential venue: the James Burton International Guitar Festival, an occasional Burton-with-friends event organized to benefit The James Burton Foundation , providing free guitars and music-education programs to recipients in need. Regardless of the venue, however, Burton hopes to "one day jump on the stage with him and Nils and just get down!

For more information on James Burton, visit James-Burton. At the end of the Wrecking Ball tour's final European leg, Springsteen followed his introduction of the legendary E Street Band with a salute to the fans. If you missed it, take a look at the video above, from the last night in Kilkenny, as Bruce calls out to the "ticket-seekin', hotel-bookin', money-jugglin', plane-takin', train-ridin', queue-formin', tramp-meetin', feet-throbbin', back-breakin', burger-eatin', rain-endurin', music-lovin', Boss-followin', legendary E!

As photos of their shirts began to circulate, eventually Amy Lofgren brought it to Bruce's attention, and the rest is history. Pauline and Steven approached Jon Landau Management and asked for their approval if they sold these shirts on behalf of Daniel Harrison , and they readily agreed. The shirts are available in a variety of designs and colors and can be purchased now from our friends at Badlands.

And you're watching Justified , right? After suffering a recent stroke, Leonard died yesterday at Earlier this year, Springsteen sang Leonard's praises in an interview with Robert Santelli: I know you're a big reader. What have you read lately that has stuck with you? One of the things I've done recently was read all the Western stories of Elmore Leonard. If you're interested in character study, he's just the master of nailing someone in a few lines. He's good for songwriters because that's about all the time you have. Read Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules of Writing.

Any requests? The festival, in its second year, brings national comedians to Asbury Park while raising funds for charity Hometown Heroes and Restore the Shore. Visit asburyparkcomedyfest. But they have turned their back on social responsibility. That goes for Jay-Z and Beyonce, for example. I really think he is black. For The Weeklings and Salon. He writes, "My intent is not to defend Jay or to weigh in on whether he should devote more bandwidth to fighting injustice.

Liz Hayes reports, "The Boss is on fire: as he winds down one world tour, he's already preparing for another, which will once again bring him to Australia. Gathered here are more than 30 conversations from to , with interviews by:. There have been anthologies and Bruce readers published before, but never a book like this, focusing solely on interviews.

Find out more and pre-order now from Backstreet Records - August 16, This Sunday night on 60 Minutes Australia, a Springsteen segment will include interview and live footage from Ireland. Get a taste with a quick video teaser. There's a longer sneak peek here , but just about half of it is the "Born in the U.

No plans that we know of to air this in other countries, but we're gonna give this app a shot, see if that works. It's worth keeping your eye here , too. In a statement, manager Jon Landau calls this "our most far reaching tour of Australasia ever — and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are planning to make it their finest. Frontier Touring has ticket sale information: general onsales are on Monday, August 26, with pre-sales for Frontier members beginning on Wednesday, August Nothing in today's announcement suggests this is a continuation of the Wrecking Ball tour, and in fact, last week's press release about the September South American shows called them the "final Wrecking Ball dates.

Connected to a new album? Will U. All remains to be seen. We do know that Springsteen and the E Street Band spent a day doing some studio recording in Sydney earlier this year, along with Tom Morello. Saying "I have stuff I'm working on that I'm very happy about," Bruce told David Fricke : "We've never had a recording session during a tour in our lives.

We did a couple of things that I wanted to put down. So that was very exciting. And being with Tommy was exciting. An item on news. Gudinski told The West Australian the same: "There will be Springsteen fans all over the world envious to the fact that both Morello and Van Zandt are on stage together. For the official itinerary as it stands, with links to onsales, venues, etc. Actually, they're for this year, too: since it's a month calendar, you can start using it as soon as September 1. Click here to see all images. Order yours now from Backstreet Records.

Check out Corey Stephenson's WreckingBallBlog website for details — Corey managed to get screenshots of a February tour itinerary with ticket sale info and more before the page was deleted. We strongly advise not making any travel plans just yet, as we've seen plenty of web "leaks" never come to fruition In lieu of U. The 10 shows were more than just concerts, they were summer events. Everyone knew someone who was going to at least one of the 10 nights. Tailgating was a huge part prior to each show. It was a summer Bruce party at the Meadowlands. A boardwalk area with attractions was even set up in the parking lot.

Star-Ledger music critic Jay Lustig now the paper's Arts and Entertainment Editor was there all ten nights, and he's part of Stan's retrosepective too, including his ratings for each show. As we previously reported, The ShowRoom , Michael and Nancy Sodano's art house theater on Asbury Park's thriving Cookman Avenue, will host Bruce Noir on August , a film series focusing specifically on the noir genre and its influence on Bruce Springsteen's life and work. There is now a full event schedule for Bruce Noir, which will include post-film readings, discussion and interviews with New Jersey-based crime writers Wallace Stroby and Dennis Tafoya and photographer Mark Krajnak along with "surprise" guests , as well as a Skype interview with Bruce author Peter Ames Carlin.

Tickets are on sale now, available online or at the theater box office. Visit the ShowRoom website for updated information on films and full event schedule. In their film segment, the couple speak movingly about what Bruce's music means to them, despite the fact they've never been able to attend a concert.

She received numerous requests to launch a Bruce Funds campaign sending Eric and Kate on an all-expenses-paid trip to see the final Wrecking Ball show in Rio de Janeiro. You still did good. No — you did great. Fastlane is gone Promoters of popular annual events like Light of Day and the Garden State Film Festival have been forced to consider alternate locations for next year, as Asbury Park's historic Convention Hall complex continues to deteriorate and disputes between the city and master developer Madison Marquette remain unresolved.

After a protracted disagreement, the city of Asbury Park has given Madison Marquette until September 30 to install fire sprinklers, which are mandatory if the building is to remain open for public events. The developer initially claimed sprinkler installation would be too expensive, but later cited a list of complaints against the city that it said would delay the project. Most of those issues have since been resolved, but it is still unclear whether Madison Marquette will be able to meet the new installation deadline.

Further complicating this situation was last Sunday's roof collapse in which a twelve-foot slab of concrete fell near Convention Hall's northeast corner. No one was injured, but the city has ordered Madison Marquette to hire a structural engineer to evaluate the building, and the northeast quadrant of the building has been closed to the public. The building has been receiving quarterly inspections, but little real structural work has occurred since the new redevelopment plans were finalized nearly ten years ago.

In the early s, the club, which also hosted a wealth of national talent including The Ramones and U2, was the only venue in town that booked original music, and it soon became a hangout for local musicians like Bruce Springsteen, E Streeters Garry Tallent and Max Weinberg, and assorted Asbury Jukes. With the demolition of the Baronet Theater in , the only remaining venue on this once-vibrant stretch of Fourth Avenue is the Asbury Lanes , and current plans call for its demolition to make way for further condominium development. Tickets for the concert at Estadio G. The track premiered on Ireland's Hot Press website, which reported "The Springsteen camp have officially given the cover their blessing and volunteered to accept a greatly reduced royalty rate.

This is not a dark ride, though you may get a little misty as Danny comes out for a ticket, Clarence holds a rose in his teeth, and Terry Magovern smiles and whispers good luck The last shows would be played in Kilkenny, Ireland, 80 miles southwest of Dublin and the smallest town the tour would play in. In most large cities in Europe, a Bruce Springsteen concert is likely to be but one of many major events on any given night.

In Kilkenny, it was everything. The giant inflatable replica of Bruce's Fender Esquire guitar atop one of the local pubs was particularly impressive.