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Remember the feelings, remember the day, My stone heart was breaking, my love ran away. This moments I knew I would be someone else My love turned around and I fell, Be my bad boy, be my man, Be my weekend lover, but don't be my friend. You can be my bad boy, but understand That I don't need you in my life again. Won't you be my bad boy, be my man, Be my weekend lover, but don't be my friend.

You can be my bad boy, but understand That I don't need you again.

The Bad Boy Has Fallen: A My Bad Boy Neighbor Bonus Chapter

Sort order. Jan 24, Yoda rated it did not like it Shelves: kindle , on-the-shelf , read Not worth reading, doesnt add anything to the story. Jan 08, Raphaella rated it really liked it. If only more of the other book was like this. This short story was actually adorable, I found a new love for the main characters, and the two poems that were used, were beautifully written and really heartfelt! View all 3 comments. Nov 19, Aribah Ayaz rated it it was amazing. Jan 06, Renee Streetman rated it really liked it.

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Wow great book Talk how everyone feels in there life some time that u need look past what people do or say. May 01, Lucy rated it it was ok. Sep 02, Amara rated it did not like it Shelves: na-ya. Another waste of time. So, Kai has fallen for her, but he has no trouble whatsoever with hooking up with a chick? Great read. Mar 03, Sphyler added it. Apr 14, Faith rated it it was amazing. Apr 06, Tia Lazaropolis rated it really liked it.

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I have read both and I really like them but it left with a what happen face The book was a good read. I'm still not to happy how it left me tho. Oct 14, Jessica Taylor rated it liked it. Obviously we need a full book. I just need a conclusion!!

Dec 06, Stephanie Bolen rated it did not like it Shelves: ya. Why the hell would you publish this? There was nothing to hook the reader and before you know it, the chapter is over.

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  • If this was supposed to be a free taste to entice a reader into purchasing a book, it was an epic fail. Jan 04, Cosette rated it it was amazing. Nova 0. Noor Wie 0. I a fan! A one night stand : For someone like Catalina, that wouldn't ever happen. Not for a million years. But after getting her heart broken in her long-term relationship, she realizes that she needed to step up her game and upgrade everything about herself.

    Including her looks. After having that one night stand with the billionaire Mateo Paiz, she had no choice but to work with him. Even if it means to be his personal assistant.

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    One day she had been moaning and squirming under her husbands chest as he made love to her every chance he got. The next thing he was telling her that he didn't love her. The press wrote all sorts of stories about how she cheated with Andre's business partners. Jeanine Andre's mother had thrown her out like a dog. It all seemed like a life time ago but she learnt to forgive and move on.

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    She didn't have any grudge against them. Everything happened for a reason and maybe this was her fate. She just wanted to give her son the best life she could possible. It is not fancy at all,' he continued after he sat down coolly inches away from me. My breathing accelerated. He leaned again and whispered close to my ear, 'I however do worse than that.