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The cargo carriers were subsequently used as shelters by Khan and his followers for almost eighteen years on Ceti Alpha V after the planet became a desert wasteland. In of the alternate reality , Section 31 performed secret investigations in unexplored space for means of better defending the Federation after the destruction of Vulcan. They discovered the Botany Bay , years after launch, and Khan was awoken.

With the other 72 augments still in stasis under Section 31's control, he was forced to join and work for Starfleet as Commander John Harrison. Star Trek Into Darkness. Eighty-five Augments were placed in cryogenic freeze. Twelve of the suspended animation life support canisters failed leaving thirty female and forty-three male Augments to survive, including Khan , Otto , Joaquin , Kati , Rodriguez , Ling , McPherson , and others.

The Botany Bay was named for the Australian geographical location , the site of the first penal colony on the shores of Australia. The original model was designed by Matt Jefferies , and most likely built by Film Effects of Hollywood. The model stood 44 inches in length, and was constructed of wood, with no internal lighting. Jefferies also added the weathering seen on the model. Star Trek Magazine issue Based on behind-the-scenes photos from The Wrath of Khan , Khan's shelter in the film consisted of Starfleet cargo containers.

The movie-era Federation seal can also be seen on the exterior of one of the containers and was just barely visible in the film itself. In the "remastered" version of "Space Seed", the Botany Bay appeared adrift on a different axis than the Enterprise in a much more "weathered" state than it did in its original appearance, to match Spock 's line stating that its " hull surface is pitted with meteor scars. During the production of Star Trek it was briefly considered putting a shot of the Botany Bay in after the end credits, as an Easter egg.

However, it was decided against, as it was felt that this would tie the hands of the production staff for the film's sequel story. Star Trek audio commentary. The second edition of the Star Trek Chronology featured an image of the Botany Bay being launched from Earth with the use of booster rockets similar to those used by the space shuttle orbiter. Sign In Don't have an account? David Bowles. David C. David H. David Harrington. David W. Dean A. Dean Fazzino. Deborah Davitt.

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