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The corpse of another one can be found on the path to Black Hawk Down.

Suicider in Dead Island: Epidemic. Special type zombie that are immune to projectile knock backs. Leap onto players and explodes dealing heavy area damage if not saved by another player in time. Explodes a few seconds after being killed dealing area damage.

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Suiciders are zombies infected with a special strain of the Kuru virus. Due to the specific strain of the virus, the accelerated production of internal decomposition gasses leaves the Suicider bloated to the near bursting point. Huge, pulsating pockets of these volatile gasses have grown all over the Suicider's upper body, destroying whatever clothing it has above the waist, leaving it only with a pair of pants.

The gas pockets appear to have painfully ripped through the victim's skin and contain highly reactive gas that, when disturbed, will violently explode.

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For some reason, Suiciders appear completely bald, possibly an additional side effect of the virus' mutation. The Suicider is speculated to be the only zombie that has a shred of humanity left since it lets out a distinctive pulsating moan that vaguely exclaims "Help me! It repeats this plea for help over and over until death.

A Suicider's main ability is to get close to the player and, after a short period of inflating, violently explode. The attack knocks the player down, causing damage and blinding them. If the player is too close in proximity to the Suicider when it explodes, they will die instantly, no matter how much health they have. Although easily destroyed, they are renowned to be one of the scariest zombies in Dead Island, due to the low rasping "Help me" that they are known for. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

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Meeting the Suicider for the first time in Dead Island. Right click to remove from a socket. Retrieved August 20, Official Path of Exile Forums. Retrieved August 2, Active skill gems. Hidden category: Base items. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History.

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