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Printers are not yet supported. In fact, it can even charge your Nintendo Switch! Doing this with Touch ID was easy because you could add up to 10 fingers. But by default, iPad only allows 1 Face ID authentication. Most of the productivity apps on the iPad support keyboard shortcuts and viewing a list of them is pretty easy.

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Just press and hold the Cmd key on the keyboard. A nice side effect is that you can take Portrait Mode selfies on the iPad Pro. Open the Camera app, flip to the front-facing camera and select Portrait option. The new iPad Pro supports both Animoji and Memoji. Open the Messages app, go to an iMessage conversation and select the Animoji option. Now from the first option, you can build your own Memoji character by selecting the face structure, nose, eyes, hairstyle and glasses that reflect your look. Use the new Screen Time feature in iOS 12 to know exactly how much time you spent being productive on a given day.

Then you can choose to disable certain apps automatically for time being or put up time limits. What are some of your favorite tips and tricks for the iPad? Share with us in the comments below. Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. Designed by Blog Consulting. Tap to Wake Just tap on the iPad screen to wake it up. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to unlock the iPad.

Short Swipe up for the Dock To reveal the Dock, you now swipe up just a bit, like two inches and pause for a sec. Swipe Horizontally on Home Bar For Recent Apps Swipe right horizontally on the big Home bar at the bottom of the screen to quickly access the most recent app. If you want to see all of the apps you currently have open, swipe up the same way you would to exit an app but keep your finger on the display until you see an array of different apps. To force close one, simply swipe up on the specific app and it will disappear from the display.

Tutorials, Tips and Tricks for New iPad and iPad Pro Owners

You can see all the apps you have open by pinching the display with all five fingers. This gesture will also bring you back to the home screen. Because Apple Pencil touches register differently than your fingers, tapping the lock screen with the Pencil will immediately take you to the Notes app. That way, you can easily begin to take notes without having to go through multiple steps.

You can also switch to different modes by double tapping on the Apple Pencil. There is also the option to turn it off completely. With the new iPad Pro, you can also charge the Apple Pencil wirelessly by attaching it to the device itself. There are few tasks more agonizing than trying to quickly scan, sign, and send documents. In this day and age, it should be easy — but without a tablet, it can be frustrating booting up your scanner, opening that inadequate trial version of Adobe Reader gathering dust on your desktop, and woefully using a mouse or trackpad to sign on the dotted line with all the grace and elegance of a toddler who has yet to develop fine motor skills.

Simply open the Notes app, tap the addition sign in the bottom-right corner, select Scan Documents , and take a picture of the paper.

iPad Pro (2018) - First 13 Things to Do!

To quickly access specific tools and apps, you can customize the Control Center. From there, you can choose from a list of different controls available. Rather than pressing down on the Home button, you will now trigger Siri by simply holding down the lock button on top of the iPad Pro. That way, you can also enable Siri hands-free by simply calling for the voice assistant out loud. One of our favorite new features is the ability to copy and paste between devices.

There is honestly very little setup. Just make sure both devices are connected to the same iCloud account and that both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled.

The iPad for everyone: iPad ($330+)

You can then long-press on any other connected Apple device and tap Paste. Once an app is open, swipe up on the display to reveal the dock. This allows you to not only view multiple apps at the same time, but reconfigure and even share content between them.

How do you do it? For instance, if you need to quickly pull up the iMessage app to answer a text message while reading an article on Chrome, you can pull up the messaging app and quickly swipe it away.

The compact iPad: iPad Mini 5 ($400+)

As with Split View mode, swipe up to access the dock, long-press on the iMessage icon and quickly swipe up onto your current display. First introduced in iOS 11, you can skip the hassle of opening apps from the dock just to access one particular photo or document.

You can also drag files onto app icons if you want to open them in other apps. Now, all you have to do is hold down the lock button and volume up button at the same time. If you have an older iPad Pro you can still snap a screenshot by holding down the lock and home buttons. Apple Pro Training Series. Mark Spencer. Android Photography. Colby Brown. William Galls. The Unofficial Guide to Evernote. Lisa Thompson.

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