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It's about going into terra incognita unknown territory ," he told AFP. Theorised back in , the boson also known as the God Particle carries the name of a British physicist, Peter Higgs. He calculated that a field of bosons could explain a nagging anomaly: Why do some particles have mass while others, such as light, have none? That question was a gaping hole in the Standard Model of particle physics , a conceptual framework for understanding the nuts-and-bolts of the cosmos.

One idea is that the Higgs was born when the new Universe cooled after the Big Bang some 14 billion years ago. Most of the dust particles interact with the honey, acquiring some of its mass to varying degrees, but a few slip through and do not acquire any. With mass comes gravity—and its pulling power brings particles together.

Supersymmetry, meanwhile, is the notion that there are novel particles which are the opposite number of each of the known particle actors in the Standard Model. This may, in turn, explain the existence of dark matter—a hypothetical construct that can only be perceived indirectly via its gravitational pull, yet is thought to make up around 25 percent of the Universe. At a cost of 6. That had run in cycles of about seven months followed by a five-month shutdown, but the LHC, opened in , has been pushed well beyond. But we said that in we must do it.

Unlike the LEP, which was used to accelerate electrons or positrons, the LHC crashes together protons, which are part of the hadron family. With high energy, they are transformed into new particles and we observe these new particles and try to understand things," Bordry explained. We are reproducing in a lab the conditions we had at the start of the Big Bang.

Over the past three years, CERN has slammed protons together more than six million billion times. Five billion collisions yielded results deemed worthy of further research and data from only threw up data that paved the road to the Higgs Boson. Despite the shutdown, CERN's researchers won't be taking a breather, as they must trawl through a vast mound of data. Last year, the LHC achieved a collision energy level of eight teraelectron volts, an energy measure used in particle physics—up from seven in After it comes back online in , the goal is to take that level to 13 or even 14, with the LHC expected to run for three or four years before another shutdown.

CERN's member states are European, but the prestigious organisation has global reach. India, Japan, Russia and the United States participate as observers. Explore further. More from Other Physics Topics. Please sign in to add a comment. Registration is free, and takes less than a minute. Read more. Your feedback will go directly to Science X editors. Thank you for taking your time to send in your valued opinion to Science X editors. You can be assured our editors closely monitor every feedback sent and will take appropriate actions. Your opinions are important to us. We do not guarantee individual replies due to extremely high volume of correspondence.

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  • Home Physics General Physics. A graphic distributed on July 4, by CERN in Geneva shows a representation of traces of a proton-proton collision measured in the search for the Higgs boson. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.

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    Feb 13, Yeah, then let's just keep blowin' things up real good! If he doesn't know where he's going, then he doesn't know what he's doing. And I thought we'd cleared up that photon isn't a particle so much as a quanta of pressure tickling the photo receptors on the surface of our retinas, that one would constitute a half cycle of a wave.

    Where does particle even enter into it? Particles don't become particles until they are fully separated from the photon background. The things I could do with all that money. Report Block. Why do some physicists see really every thing dark? This money is peanuts compared to military expenses, arguably necessary to prevent others to do even more stupid things, and has a lot of spin-offs, gives a hell of a lot correct people interesting work, stimulates peaceful international collaboration and helps to increase our knowledge of nature.

    No, this money is not for individualists always complaining of complots.

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    They need to get in there and sweep up all the little black holes and strangelets and loose change and monopoles and stuff. This is wishful-hype by Howie.

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    String theory sans SUSY suffocates to death as well. In addition, no black holes have been seen at LHC, so A new breath of fresh air must enter physics soon. I really wish this article hadn't used the term "God particle". It's inaccurate and trite. I thought only Fox News still referred to the Higgs boson by this name. I laughed out loud at this, thank you. After Higgs Boson, scientists prepare for next quantum leap … "We have what we think is the Higgs…. It was told that the reason we called 'God particle' because we could find it, but we do not know what it is!

    Funny story, I was talking to a tea party conservative and he told me that government needs to get out of science and let the private sector take over. He went on to explain that the space station is a waste of money and should be deorbited and burned up in the atmosphere sooner than planned. Long story short, I suggested the "fiscally conservative" thing to do would be to not waste all that money that was spent on it so we should just give it to China and Russia and we should have no ownership of it.

    Higgs boson

    Oddly he didn't want to do that. If science is bad for our economy according to him shouldn't it be bad for their economies too? Why does he care if their economy is hurt? Tongue in cheek questions but I think I got the point across. Two groups of experimenters working at the LHC reported from Geneva that they had clear evidence for the existence of a new subatomic particle and this particle has some of the basic properties predicted for the Higgs boson. The long-sought particle is the final missing ingredient in the standard model, the general framework that physicists have developed to explain the behavior of all the known sub-atomic particles.

    In particular, it is associated with a field thought to endow elementary particles with mass. Nashville time. The fifth member of the team, Professor Vicki Greene, was traveling. When our spokesman got to the point where he showed the data everyone stood up and applauded. Velkovska added that the most satisfying part of the announcement for her was when the presenter for the other experiment displayed their data and it was clear that they independently had gotten the same results.

    For Maguire, the emotional peak of the event was when the CMS spokesman put up the data on the screen. After 40 years of searching for this thing, there it stood, very prominent, no doubt about it, and it was just about the most thrilling moment of the whole presentation for me when he did that. The discovery of the illusive particle was a technological and scientific tour de force. According to the scientists, it was comparable to locating three specific grains in a swimming pool filled with sand.

    First they needed an atom smasher that was bigger and more expensive than a single nation could afford. To search for the Higgs, this gigantic instrument, which fills a ring-shaped tunnel 17 miles long, accelerates two beams of protons in opposite directions to speeds approaching When these particles collide at these velocities, they create micro-explosions with temperatures , times hotter than the sun that produce showers of thousands to millions sub-atomic particles which rapidly decay into even more daughter particles. Four different international teams of scientists designed and built four different detectors — each the size of a large house — that are placed around the LHC ring to record the sub-atomic detritus produced by these mini-bangs.

    Two of these detectors sorted and sifted the mountains of data that they produced looking for clues that Higgs particles were being created and then decaying into other more commonplace particles.

    The God Particle and the Grid

    The Vanderbilt team has set up a virtual control room that allows them to monitor the operation of the CMS detector and alert the operators if they see any problems in the detector subsystems. The detector produces such a flood of data that no one center has the capacity to handle. So the scientists split the data down into more than a dozen different streams that go to different locations, including Vanderbilt, where they undergo preliminary analysis.