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The defenses the Alliance constructed on Hoth could not be more favorable to Vader if the villain constructed them himself. The single Rebel base! Its outermost perimeter defense is an energy shield that can deflect Imperial laser bombardment. Vader realizes the opportunity at hand for an end to the Rebellion. Yet his bumbling fleet admiral leaves hyperspace too close to Hoth, losing the element of surprise and allowing the Rebels to activate the shield. Vader rolls with it after killing Admiral Ozzel : He orders a ground assault on the Rebel base with the sound objective of destroying the generator that powers the shield.

Once the shield is down, the Star Destroyers that make up the majority of the Imperial Fleet can launch the bombardment the shields prevent. Vader further orders that no Rebel ship be allowed to leave Hoth alive. Sounds simple, right? Vader jumps into the Hoth system with a handful of Star Destroyers; only six are shown on screen. Once Vader orders the shields destroyed, he lacks the force to prevent a pell-mell Rebel retreat. Concentrating the Imperial Star Destroyers there would lead the Rebellion into a massacre.

At the very least, Vader has to sacrifice the ground-assault team entrusted with bringing down the generator powering the Rebel shield for a laser bombardment from the Star Destroyers.

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Vader does none of this. Yet the ground assault is pretty successful — by accident. Only when Rebel General Rieekan orders the full evacuation of Hoth do the Walkers destroy the generator. Still, a win is a win. Vader is now clear to destroy the Rebel base, and the escaping Rebel ships, with a punishing Star Destroyer bombardment. So much for his major weapon against the Rebels, and the primary reason for ordering the Walkers to invade and destroy the generator. Worse, Vader is late to the fight. If he wanted to kill some Rebel scum himself, the only ones remaining at the base when Vader arrives are Han, Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO, who run to the wheezing Millennium Falcon for their own escape.

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By sheer bad luck, Han flies into three of the Star Destroyers, which threaten to overwhelm the Falcon. Indeed, once Vader returns to his Star Destroyer, he gets a message from Palpatine explicitly instructing him to prevent Luke from training as a Jedi. Orbus has a high-pitched voice. Both were most likely destroyed or purified destroyed by Zordon's energy wave in Countdown to Destruction. Towards the end of the Power Rangers Zeo series, King Mondo was seemingly destroyed and control of the Machine Empire was left to several usurpers to the throne - first Louie Kaboom and later Prince Gasket and Archerina.

Their voice actors, however, were all uncredited. Goldar and Rito Revolto were sent to Earth to launch him from there as an attempt to avoid Machina discovering their secret return to the Moon.

Empire of The Machines They Came for One Purpose to Destroy US All

Unfortunately, though successful, Goldar and Rito lost the remote control they were using to control Louie, which infuriated Rita and Zedd as it left them with no other way of controlling Louie. After a failed attempt by the Power Rangers to use the remote to shut Louie down, Louie had himself rewired so that the remote no longer affected him. Louie did his best at leading the Empire, trying to win Queen Machina's affections in the process, but was met with failure each and every time.

Meanwhile, Zedd and Rita were trying to regain control of Louie, but were less than successful. Louie quickly grew bored of Machina's resistance in not becoming his queen, took over the Machine Empire and imprisoned both her and Sprocket. Unlike Mondo whom often took the advice of his family, Louie took the advice of Klank and Orbus in how to defeat the Rangers. When Prince Gasket and Archerina arrived on the moon, Archerina took control of Louie with one of her love arrows. Louie Kaboom was voiced by Lex Lang in a rather thick Brooklyn accent.

He fell in love with Archerina , daughter of Mondo's nemesis King Aradon. Knowing their marriage would never be approved of by their respectful parents, the two of them eloped a la Romeo and Juliet. Gasket has a bitter sibling rivalry with Sprocket over who is the true heir apparent to the Royal House of Gadgetry, over Queen Machina's favoritism, and over who has better plans against the Zeo Rangers. When news of Mondo's death reached him, Gasket returned to take care of his mother, depose of the interloper Louie Kaboom and take his rightful place as the Machine King.

Gasket notably brainwashed Tommy Oliver, Zeo Ranger V, into temporarily thinking that he was the King of the Machine Empire and that the other Rangers were his enemies.

'Rome, Sweet Rome': Could a Single Marine Unit Destroy the Roman Empire?

Another time, he trapped the people of Earth in a time loop, forcing them to relive the same day over and over so that he could observe the best way to attack them. Unfortunately for Gasket, Tommy knew there was a time loop thanks to Gasket's earlier tampering with his brain and was able to use that knowledge to put a stop to the plan. When Mondo was rebuilt and returned, Gasket and Archerina fled temporarily. Prince Gasket and Archerina then came back in the episode "Hawaii Zeo," where Prince Sprocket offered the idea of growing into giants to defeat the Rangers.

This actually was a cunning attempt by Sprocket to get rid of his brother as he knew full well that any creature that grew would be destroyed by the rangers. Following Sprocket's plan, Gasket and Archerina grew into giants. After an intense battle where they held their own and nearly overwhelmed almost the Rangers' entire arsenal of zords, they ultimately became overwhelmed by the Zeo Ultrazord.

But just as Prince Sprocket came out of hiding and began celebrating the apparent destruction of his brother and sister-in-law, the two were revealed to have survived the blast though they shrank back to normal size. Just as they were about to face Sprocket, King Mondo arrived to confront them. Prince Gasket and Archerina then fled and haven't been seen since.

Prince Gasket was voiced by Douglas Sloan , one of the show's directors, writers, and its producer. NOTE : In Ohranger , Prince Gasket's Japanese equivalent is actually the upgraded form of Prince Sprocket's Japanese equivalent note that in all instances where the princes appeared together, they use slightly different color schemes as with all of the American costumes for the Machine Empire. Also in Ohranger , Prince Gasket and Archerina were destroyed by the Zeo Ultrazord where they left behind a child prior to their destruction.

Princess Archerina is a robot princess with the appearance of a female archer , and she is the wife of Prince Gasket. Archerina is the daughter of King Mondo's nemesis King Aradon. Archerina and Gasket eloped and fled from their parents, knowing that both their families will disapprove of their marriage. She can fire arrows of energy which she can use to make others fall in love with her.

Archerina is also capable of firing arrows of destructive energy from her bow. Archerina can teleport with a fiery aura, turning herself into a living missile. Her bow can also transform into a sword to be used in close combat. She and Gasket returned when King Mondo was destroyed by the Zeo Rangers, and took over in his absence. When the tyrant Louie Kaboom tried to take over, Archerina used her love arrows to make him her slave, forcing him to obey her, which later led to his destruction.

Archerina's jealousy of Katherine Hillard led to the formation of a strong grudge against her. After becoming a giant alongside Gasket, both Gasket and Archerina were defeated by the Zeo Ultrazord, but they survived. However, King Mondo arrived to confront the two of them, and they quickly escaped, never to be seen again.

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An abandoned concept for Power Rangers: Ninja Storm would have featured the pair returning along with other unaccounted for villains from earlier season to threaten the Earth. Determined to obtain revenge for the destruction of their beloved monarch King Mondo after what happened to him in the "Countdown to Destruction" event, they set out to resurrect Serpentera. However, just as they were about to board Serpentera, a team of 10 Red Rangers arrived on the moon. Venjix escaped to Serpentera, which he flew towards Earth.

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The Zord was destroyed, along with Venjix and the Machine Empire. Due to the use of these Beetleborg costumes, the Machine Empire Generals appear to be more technologically advanced than the rest of the Machine Empire including the Royal House of Gadgetry itself.

Empire Of The Machines They came for one purpose, to destroy us all

Four years after the destruction of the Machine Empire, surviving members of the Empire remain seeking to destroy the Earth. They have recently learned that Earth's Moon is the resting place of Serpentera, a gigantic war machine created by Lord Zedd with the power to destroy a whole planet. Ever since Lord Zedd was changed into a human being, this happened in " Countdown to Destruction ", the location of Serpentera remained a mystery for many years.

Venjix finds it and begins using Cog soldiers to dig it up, refitting it with a Neo Plutonium reactor to power it. Venjix and his other Generals prepare to board Serpentera, but they are then interrupted by the Red Rangers. Venjix sends Cogs to distract the eight Rangers while he and the others flee to Serpentera. The Rangers battle the Cogs unmorphed and easily defeat them. Eventually, Cole escapes the barrage of Cogs and chases after the Generals.

Then all the 10 Red Rangers gather, morph with their respective morphing calls except for Aurico, who has already morphed , and battle the Generals. Battle-damaged, Venjix then jumps into Serpentera and takes off. Cole uses the Wild Force Rider to fly into Serpentera and destroy it from the inside.

Both Venjix and Serpentera are finally destroyed, and Cole ends up surviving the explosion despite the others' momentarily thinking he may have been destroyed too. Tezzla is voiced by Catherine Sutherland. Gerrok is voiced by Walter Emanuel Jones. Steelon is voiced by an uncredited Scott Page-Pagter. He fought against Red Turbo Ranger T.

Inside The Koch Empire: How The Brothers Plan To Reshape America

Automon is voiced by an uncredited David Walsh. He has the head of Fire Borg and the body of Lightning Borg. The Cogs are the Machine Empire's foot soldiers. They pilot octopus -shaped jets called Quadrafighters and are able to blast lasers out of their eyes. They appeared mostly as silver-suited robots with yellow heads. However, there were also some that had maroon versions of the suit.