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But, then it gets out of hand. How about we find out which team is best at getting a ball in a net? How about throwing it Handball , throwing it while swimming Water Polo , kicking it Soccer , using a stick Field Hockey , throwing it in a sideways net Basketball.

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And how about track and field? But how many distances must we know at?

Beijing Olympic Tower

I understand swimming. But volleyball, running, gymnastics, shall I go on? I think this is discriminatory and demeaning against women. From now on, men should perform all competitions in this:. I expect a bit of pushback from the archery teams.

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There are some Olympic sports that seem to appeal to a very small demographic. Like sailing. Is there anyone outside of Nantucket, Massachusetts who even cares? This link had me laughing like crazy.

A few Olympic observations

I showed my kids and apparently they have a more mature and refined sense of humor because all it elicited from them was a slight giggle. It is some video footage of Olympic competitions with a few classy sound effects added. Apparently holding them out like wings while pounding the chest is faster.

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I can hardly wait to implement this new technique! Swimming Michael Phelps winning eight gold medals in swimming was a super story. But the best race performance, for me, was watching his teammate, 32 year-old Jason Lezak on the final leg of the of the 4 x m freestyle relay. Lezak was anchoring against the world record holder in the m freestyle, Alain Bernard, of France.

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Bernard had done some trash-talking before the race, stating that the French team would smash the Americans. However, as the Frenchman raced down the pool, he edged too close to his lane line. Lezak, the canny veteran, realizing the mistake, edged over to their shared line and drafted behind Bernard, riding his bow-wave, like a dolphin with a ship. With 10 metres to go, Lezak, who had expended a fraction of the energy of the Frenchman, made his charge, head bobbing, legs thrashing and arms flailing furiously.

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