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Details Stephens, C. Details Stephens, F. XV, no. He ran a newspaper in Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas. He served in the Arkansas legislature and Senate. He died age 60, and is buried in Decatur, Alabama. William was killed by a fall from a horse while on a cattle buying trip near Huntsville, Alabama.

James Coffman and Lucy Barnett married ; they had 9 children. Their son James David Coffman b. John Woodson, a surgeon to a company of British soldiers, emigrated from Dorsetshire, England with wife, and settled in Virginia in what is now Prince George county, VA. The family migrated to North Carolina before She married Fred Hunting in at Tempeton, Mass.

She died at Fort Wayne, IN. Asa Wesson's ancestry includes Brewster and Alden Mayflower lines. He died at Delaware Station, Indiana. Kitty died at Belle Plains, Iowa in John Jack William Taylor b. During or before , later moving to Medfield, Mass. He was a Brigadier General in Record indicates that his immigrant ancestor was Richard Wodhull who was born at Thenford, Northampton, England and immigrated to America in He settled at Seauket, Long Island.

He married Sarah Allen d. They had 8 children Virginia was the daughter of Cyrus and Mellie Trout Farmer. Annual reunions were also held. He and wife Margery had 4 children. He died in Eldora Bond Armor lived in Richland, Iowa. He died in at Lawrence, Mass. Includes Dyer and other related families. This comprises only the 7th through 9th generations Arnold Wilton Jackson Arnold, b. He and wife Edna Ann Bell, had 12 children. He married Jane Griffith, daughter of Rowland Griffith.

They died about His son, Christian Stutsman was listed as a resident in Bern Co?? John Howell, widower, emigrated from Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire in Wales in , landing in Philadelphia with 3 small children: Jacob, Evan and Sarah. John died in Philadelphia in and is buried in the Quaker cemetery.

George was born in Virginia and Sebrina in Kentucky. Part of the World Conference on Records and Genealogical Seminar Yes Asia Item A modern computer approach to genealogical research for East Asia - pedigree construction using simulation models. He died in Hinds County, Mississippi in Cemetery inscriptions, church records, vital records, marriage records, wills, Revolutionary soldiers, and family Bibles, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America, Vol. His wife was Catherine. They had sons Samuel d. He and brother Samuel emigrated together.

He married Hannah Foster d. Her grandmother, Ann Foster d. Thomas remained at Andover until , when he removed to Haverhill. They were the parents of 6 children. George Atkins as born in Cincinnati, OH in He married Eliza Rebecca Fulton in Cincinnati in They had a son, Elmer Murrat Atkins, born in He married 2 Lydia Ellen Atkinson in He died in at Saco, Maine. They moved to Richmond, Wayne County, IN where he was teaching school at the time he wrote the letter. His uncle never received the letter, as he had been killed in an accident the year before.

Jubilee Smith ; married Mary Annie Audulf in ; they had 10 children He married twice and had 12 children. He was drowned in Thompsons Creek in He married Mary Louisa Austin in ; they had 8 children. His brother Julius Austin b. He married Ada Margaret Jane Snelling in ; they had 3 children. He died May include surrounding villages within the parish. Text in Polish and Latin. Text in Latin and Polish. This film contains Akta urodzen Akta urodzen, malzenstw, zgonow Text in Latin and Polish with some headings in Russian. His son Rev. David Ap Rees, was pastor of a Presbyterian congregation at Cardigan.

He married Providence Prudence Mary Rawlings in they were 2nd cousins. Ancestors to the s lived in England. He and 2 of his immigrant brothers changed their surname to Tolene because there were so many Johnsons in the county. He and wife Hannah had 8 children, immigrated to America in and settled first at Salisbury, Mass. They changed the spelling of their name from Eyre to Ayer on coming to America.

The family moved to Ipswich before and then moved to Haverhill, Mass. He died in Haverhill Includes Eldred and related families. His family moved to western New York when he was young. He was killed by a mob in Mossouri in They had 7 children Their daughter Sarah married John Wallin b. He married Mary Baldwin, daughter of David Baldwin in They had 12 children. He died in and is buried in Charlton, Maine. He changed his surname to Kentfield, and moved to Northampton, Mass. He and wife Lydia Duncan had 10 children Includes Badger, Stanly and related families.

Also includes Leach family. A8 - Index, wills ; Vol. B8 - Index, indentures mortgages, trust deeds, trusts , Bahamas Vol. Q9 - Index, wills ; Vol.

Many Alabama pioneers settled in Perry County including John Frederick Shaeffer

In , his family emigrated. The parents died and were buried at sea. Robert and his brother worked as servants or were "bound out" after arriving in America. They were have supposed to have served in the Revolution and were given land near Philadelphia for their services. Robert married Phoebe Vandergrift in Delaware in ; they had 9 children. John Bailey d. Thomas Bayley d. He married Hannah in , and had 10 children between and Brand descendants living in Clinton and Tippecanoe Counties, Indiana, are descendants of some of the members of this family.

He and wife Mary Bowen had 5 children. The family moved to Franklin Co, PA He married Sarah Bains, daughter of Williams in Includes Dacotah or Sioux names for streams in northern Iowa, etc. They had 6 children Includes the Baird and other related families. Joel Pease and wife Elizabeth had 11 children Taylor b. Their son Jacob W. Taylor was born in Perry County, Indiana. He married Sarah Frances Baker in He married 2 Irene Robling in He died at Crow Rock, Montana in His line includes the family of which this history is written Yes Baker Taylor family Bible records Reuben Samuel Taylor married Margaret Ella Baker in , they had 6 children In they moved to Kansas and he became active in the politics of that state.

They lived many years in Virginia and the South. He married twice and was the father of 9 children. The family was living at Boston, Mass. He died at Boston. He was a merchant and sea captain and lived in Charlestown, then Haverhill, Mass. He and wife Gertrude were married ; they had at least 5 children He married Hannah Southwick b. Edward Southwick Ballard, a grandson, married Caroline Hunt Includes Bible records for the families of Nathan Foster Jr. Discovering he was to be brought to trial for radical preaching, he and wife embarked for America, arriving in Boston in In , he purchased land from the Indians and founded Providence, Rhode Island, and later the colony of Rhode Island.

Spartanburg, South Carolina in He and wife Bathseba Thornton, had 10 children. William Barnett, born in Nancy, France , immigrated to Virginia Includes Baroni, Basquez, Corsetti, Gervais families. James Russell born at Townsend, Mass. He and wife Prudence Barrett had 9 children The family moved to Lunenburg, Mass. He married 2 Anna Mary Stearns in ; they had 6 children He died in , age 77 years.

Includes letter and record of Ephraim Harrington married Sarah Bartlett in ; they had 12 children He died in in Athol, Mass. She was survived by a daughter, 3 sons, 22 grandchildren, and 38 great-grandchildren. She was survived by her husband and a daughter, Mrs. Stanton, Jr. He married Harriet Collins in They had 8 children. The family moved to Clinton County, Illinois in Focus on descendants of Joseph A. Early Kellenbarger ancestors came from Switzerland and Germany. Daniel Bebout b. Includes children of Benjamin Hifield and wife Cynthian, they had 4 children Text in German.

This film contains Heft 6. Marriages Belknap Item 1: Putnam family The first known ancestor of the Putnam line, Roger, was a tenant of Puttenham, Hertfordshire, England, in Record follows line of descent to John Putnam , 19th generation in the English line and first of the American line. He and wife Priscilla had 7 children , all born at Aston-Abbots.

Tradition says the family immigrated to New England in He died at Salem Village, Massachusetts. She was a descendant of Jonathan Jenks, a recognized patriot, who assisted in establishing American Independence while acting as a Justice of the Superior Court of Judicuture, etc. They moved about to Watertown, Mass. Park Benjamin a direct descendant in the 8th generation, was a poet, journalist, and editor in New York City, and married Mary Brower Western in Benjamin Item 4: Misc. She married 2 Jason Chamberlain b. The bible was given to Sally by her father as a wedding gift, when she married Freeman Whitehead in Theunise, a widower, married widow Sarah Rapalje Bergen in after the death of her first husband, Hans Hansen Bergen.

Aert married Sarah's oldest daughter, Breckje, in He married Anna Blimlein in They emigrated to the United States in , settling in Baltimore. They had 4 children. Henry made church organs and musical instruments. The children were very musically talented and formed a musical company that toured from to Julien immigrated to America in Enroute he stopped for a time in Bermuda where he married Mary Bullock.

They settled first on the coast of South Carolina and then moved to the western shore of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. They had 9 sons and 2 daughters. Arba and Ruby Squier died at Monson, Mass. Their son Horace Squier and Helen Ely were married They had a daughter born in Horace and Helen died at Monson.

Their daughter Sarah married William Stuart Best in Ancestry lived chiefly in Massachusetts Bills Item Temple record book consists of genealogical data with most temple ordinances , for Jager Jaeger, Yeager ancestry of Mary Neumann Bills, a Bohemian immigrant to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ancestry lived in Czechoslovakia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Ancestry lived in England. He was probably one of adherents of Charles I, who escaped to Virginia in Parish registers in Fife County, Scotland show he had a wife, Elspet Mackie, and at least 4 children, born She nor any of the younger children came to Virginia. He married 2 Elizabeth Bishopp in ; they had 2 daughters. His oldest son, William Peebles arrived in Virginia after his death to take over his affairs. The will was probated in Dec She married Lon Powell in He married Mary Bixler ; they had 11 children.

They moved to Marietta, OH in They had 11 children. Their daughter, Harriet C. Nixon married John Henton Carter at Marietta in They had 3 children. Their daughter, Marguerite Henton Carter b. They had 5 children. He was born at Portsmouth, England , and died at Rehoboth Robert Rogerson and wife Betty d. Their son John and wife Mary were married in Blanding both natives of Rehoboth, were married in They had 4 children Includes births of grandchildren. The family was living in Salem, Mass. They moved to Topsfield, Mass in He died in Topsfield in Peter Grosnickel , his brother according to family tradition, immigrated from Germany to Philadelphia in , married twice, and also settled in Frederick Co, MD Blimlein Item 2: York musical family won national fame - the Bergers - pioneer bell ringers: Henry Berger was born in Germany, one of 7 sons born to Bernhart de Berger and wife Louis Van Sacks Berger.

They had 9 children. John furnished supplies for the cause of the American revolution during the Revolutionary War. He married Mary Burt in ; they had 4 children Includes Chandler and related families. Includes ancestry to Thomas Blodgett, who immigrated from England in Includes the family of Samuel Blood b. Harvey Walden obituary: a retired minister, died in Meridian, Mississippi in age He was survived by wife Birdie Boatner Walden, 4 sons, and 5 daughters. Everardus Bogardus was born in in Woerden, North Holland. He was commissioned by the West Indian Company and ordained from foreign service in and came to New Netherlands.

He and wife Anneke Jans, had at least 2 sons, Cornelius and William b. He married Deborah Howell in Bradwich, England in They emigrated and settled in Philadelphia in , where he taught school. They had 10 children. He married Margaret Boop d. They had one son. Daniel married 2 Margaret Boop, a niece of his first wife, in Allen County. He and first wife were married in Portsmouth; they had 6 children They died at Riverside, California. A pedigree chart concentrates on the ancestry and descendants of Francis Rodes d.

He accumulated vast estates, including Borlborough Hall in Derbyshire which had earlier belonged to the Boronely family, which had died out. One of these Palatinate lines originated in Switzerland.

Midnight's Descendants: South Asia from Partition to the Present Day

The time period covered by this pedigree chart is from A. He immigrated to America at age 17 and settled at Allentown, PA. Their son Gilbert Warren and his wife Abigail had at least 2 children; The Bostons and Brookes chart begins shortly after the American Revolution - Joseph Boston had at least 2 children. Bostwick married Elizabeth Hester in ; they had 4 children He died as a soldier during the Civil War.

Some focus on ancestors and descendants of the immigrant John Ogle who married Elizabeth, and established his family in New Castle County, Delaware in Another primary ancestor was Samuel Ogle, who was thrice governor of Maryland. He married twice and was the father of at least 8 children. He died in Culpeper County, Virginia in At least 5 of his sons migrated to South Carolina. Sarah , and Nelson Boyer b. Maryann He and wife Mehitable Jackman had 7 children. Their son Moses served in the Revolutionary War. He and his wife Sarah Boynton had 7 children.

Richard Currier of Salisbury and Amesbury, Mass. Samuel Foot. Only the direct line of Ellen Call is given. Abraham Parker emigrated from England to Woburn, Mass. About and married Rose Whitlock. They moved to Chelmsford, Mass. He married 2 Penelope Woodmansee in ; they had 5 children He married Christine Clark Seath b. He was the father of 9 children born He died in at age Ancestors include John Braly and John Madison d.

They had 8 children at Beach Pond, PA. He married Nancy Watts; they had 3 children Breed Item 1: Book of Dow, genealogicall memoirs of the descendants of Henry Dow , Thomas Dow , and others of the name, immigrants to America during colonial times; also the allied family of Nudd Breed Item 5: Christopher Holder head of the American Quaker branch, author of the first declaration of faith of Friends in England or America, pioneer Quaker minister in New England , immigrated from England via the West Indies to Boston, Mass in , and after several moves, settled in Providence, Rhode Island.

In the family moved to Johnson County, Iowa. He married Nancy Jane Orr in She died in in Aurora County, South Dakota. They died in Iron Hill, Iowa. They died in Toronto, Kansas. He married Rebecca before leaving England; they had 4 children. He died in Athol They named in their wills 5 sons and a daughter. Yes Brock Item 2: Pedigree of the family Routh: Chiefly a record of descendants and some ancestors of Simon de Surdeval or de Ruda who settled at Ruda, or Routh, in Holderness, Yorkshire, England, by which name all of his descendants were known.

His wife was Matilda Routh.

In when he married Ann Winchurst in ; they had 12 children. He died in Rowley, Mass in "aged tis though about years". Includes Brooks and other related families. They had 3 children He was an itinerant minister on the Pittsburgh and West Virginia Conference for 44 years.

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He died at the home of his daughter in West Virginia. Their daughter Elizabeth married Thomas A. Johnson , son of Thomas Johnson and Jane Brooks. William Jessup died in Wayne County, Indiana. Includes many details of family history and genealogical data about Gladding individuals in England and France to A. He moved to Providence, Rhode Island about He died between and Three more children were born in Portsmouth. He and children immigrated to America in and settled at Lynn, Mass.

He and one of his sons returned to England His other son, Henry Willis, was born He married Elizabeth Otis of Boston in Record chiefly follows line of descent to the author's father, Edwin Ethelbert Willis Includes descendants of Nathaniel Farrand b. She married 2 G. Justice d. They had a son Richard in She died in Their daughter Mary married Horace Bull in ; they had 5 children Also contains the births of 4 other Bull children The family moved in to Stockton, California.

She married Howard Smith in but took her maiden name when the divorced in She was a piano teacher and artist in the Charleswood and Winnipeg area of Canada Yes Burch Items Temple record book consists of genealogical data with some temple ordinances for Birch ancestry of Erastus Birch, Eureka, Utah. His line includes the family of which this history is written Yes Burger Item 7: Henry Wiegand d.

He married twice and was the father of 5 children. Includes Abraham Northrip b. They had a son Edward Elizabeth Herndon b. She died in Mississippi and is buried in Memphis, TN. He married Martha Burnett daughter of James Burnett a lieutenant in the Army of Revolution, in They had 7 children after The family migrated to Texas with the Sterling C. Robertson Colony in the early s and settled in present Bell County.

Includes lists of colonial soldiers in New York before the Revolution which include Weeks-Weekes individuals ; includes lists of Weeks and a few other related individuals in the Revolutionary and later wars, as well as Weeks individuals in the federal census in various counties in New York. With wife Phebe. They both died at Springfield. Their son, Victory Sikes married Elizabeth Burt at Springfield and had at least one son, born in The family migrated to Suffield, Connecticut about They migrated to Salt Lake Valley, Utah where they resided until deaths.

He served in the Civil War. Yes Busby Item 1: George Elkins b. George himself married twice, first to Martha Jones in , and after her death, to widow Martha Ellen Stewart Elkins. There were 3 children by the first marriage, and 10 children by the second Yes Busby Item 2: Perry family Bible records Henry Perry b. They had 11 children from Myles Standish, military leader of the Pilgrim Father was descended from this branch.

Notes on the Gurley family of Wexford and Carlow. Includes pedigree for Byron family. Richard, 2nd Lord Byron, died , age He married Lucile Cadenhead; they had 3 children. He married 2 Sue Callahan; they had a daughter. The family moved to Illinois in and to Iowa in He went to California in and served a life as a miner, hunter, stockraiser, merchant, etc.

He served in the legislature of Montana for 10 years and was a minister to Uruguay and Paraguay from He died in Montana in California Item James Lick pioneer and adventurer - his role in California history Yes California Item Sources of California - from patron to voter registration. They later moved to San Diego, CA. He married Lucille Warnke in ; they had 4 children. Yes Call Fellows genealogy: Moses Fellows b.

He married Sarah Steven, daughter of Reuben Stevens in They lived in Salisbury, New Hampshire and had 13 children.

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  • He emigrated and settled in Hagerstown, MD. He married Elanor; they had 4 sons and 1 daughter. John served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War under Washington. In , they, including all the children and their families, moved to Brownsville, PA. John died at age , Elanor at age Her son, Daniel d. He died at Scherbera Hospital, Richmond, Virginia Herbert A. Camp: Maxey Field Camp celebrated her 89th birthday in She was born in Carterville, GA. She and her family moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi in Her husband died in They were the parents of 7 children. By they were settled in Regina, where Nick later died.

    eneida com notas portuguese edition Manual

    The village of Windsor was established in in Sandwich Township and became a town in Marys Item 4: Ontario St. He and wife Elizabeth had 3 children. He married 2 Dolly before ; they had 2 children. He moved to Mt. Holly, Vermont in He died before They moved to Durham, Quebec, Canada in She is buried in Belmont, VT. This film contains registers Yes Canada, Quebec, Nicolet Catholic Church parish registers: baptisms, marriages, burials, confirmations, first communions, and censuses.

    John Freeman served in the Revolutionary War. He married Catherine Carlton in He died at age 50, surved by his wife and daughter. The family settled in Florida, where some were Methodist ministers Carter Archibald Palmer's will, probated in St. Francisville, Louisiana in ; named wife Hannah Carter and 9 children. He named in his will, dated , his wife Rachel, and 8 children. William Purdy a direct descendant married cousin Rachel Purdy in and moved from Connecticut via two places in New York to Paupack, Pennsylvania.

    He married Anne Case, daughter of Joseph Case. They had a daughter. He married 2 Freelove Nichols, daughter of Joseph Nichols in Thomas and Samuel Richardson, brothers of Ezekiel, immigrated to join Ezekiel during or before , after the death of their father Thomas Richardson Sr. He died in at Bridgeport, Connecticut Chapman Item 1: Book of Dow, genealogicall memoirs of the descendants of Henry Dow , Thomas Dow , and others of the name, immigrants to America during colonial times; also the allied family of Nudd Chapman Item 3: Family records of Johnson County, Indiana Chase Item 1: Book of Dow, genealogicall memoirs of the descendants of Henry Dow , Thomas Dow , and others of the name, immigrants to America during colonial times; also the allied family of Nudd Chase Item 4: Henry Felch Jr.

    He may have removed to Reading where a Henry Felch lived in and next to Boston where a Henry Felch lived in His will was proved in Chastain Dr. James Garvin Chastain, famed Baptist missionary, dies at years: He died in Brewer Community, near Richton, Mississippi, and was survived by a son and 2 daughters. He died in in Delaware County, OH. His line includes the family of which this history is written Yes Chew Item 4: John Zachariah Endress a widower, immigrated with son Andress Philip, from Rotterdam to Philadelphia in , married widow Anna Maria Sansfelt in , and moved to Elkton, Maryland in The family followed the pattern of migration in the Carolinas, George and west to Kentucky, Colorado, and elsewhere China Item The content and use of the Chinese local history - Fang-chih.

    Part of the World Conference on Records and Genealogical Seminar Yes China Item Scholastic application of the Chinese clan genealogies - history and arrangement of Chinese genealogies. He was married 1 in to Anna Larson d. He married Mary Mahoney in ; they had 3 children Mary Clizbe died in at Lima, Ohio. His widow married 2 Joseph Davis b. Their daughter Priscilla Jane was born , and when she was 3 months old, they immigrated to Utah via New York. They settled at Gransville. He and wife had 11 children.

    Clark family association Clark Item 7: Capt. He married Abigail Clark in He died in at Durham. His grandfather? Joseph Smith married Sarah Glidden in Mary Coslany, Norwich. Victor de Clarke b. She lived to be 96 years old. He was the brother of Richard Jackson Snelling. His wife descendant of Gerhardt Clemens who emigrated from Switzerland in Clemens Item 5: Clemens family chronology Upwards of Clemens family lines are represented, including those whose forefathers emigrated from Germany, Holland, England, Wales, and Ireland Clement Item 1: Book of Dow, genealogicall memoirs of the descendants of Henry Dow , Thomas Dow , and others of the name, immigrants to America during colonial times; also the allied family of Nudd Clement Item 5: Clemens family chronology Upwards of Clemens family lines are represented, including those whose forefathers emigrated from Germany, Holland, England, Wales, and Ireland Clements Bible of Nelson Clements d.

    His wife Nancy died in They seem to have been the parents of 9 children He married Nancy Campbell in His second wife was Alice, widow of Andrew Wolsey. He had at least 5 children Cocke Item 7: Bartholomew Dupuy married Susanna Lavillon in , and as Huguenots, they fled from France to Switzerland and then to England, and in immigrated to Henrico later Powhatan County, Virginia Yes Cockerham Deeds and wills extracts from Lownes County, Mississippi - In Cemetery inscriptions, church records, vital records, marriage records, wills, Revolutionary soldiers, and family Bibles, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America, Vol.

    He and family immigrated to America in Sands and Sary Elizabeth Coffee both of Tennessee were married ; they had 12 children He married again and had 2 daughters Coffeen Coffeen genealogy and will of Capt. He married Susannah Goldsmith of Boston in ; they had 14 children. He died in in Cavendish. The family moved to Kansas in and later to Colorado where he died in Children moved to Kansas City, MO where descendants were living in He married Edith, the widow of Nathan Meredith He married Martha Fisk of Orange, Mass. Four died as infants. He died in at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    They had 2 sons and 2 daughters. They had 5 children He married 2 Ruth Prather in They had 11 children Includes the children of John and Margaret Tareman, they had 3 children Their son James married Jane Pickens d. They had 14 children He married 2 Ann McCarroll in He married 2 Sarah Collins in ; they had 8 children.

    He married 3 Rachel in ; they had 3 children. John Palmer immigrated to America at age 18 with father's family and settled in St. George, York County, Maine. He later moved to Newton now West Roxbury , Mass. He died in in his 79th year. Their son Daniel married Hannah Stanton in ; they had 14 children Includes the family of William Crane He and wife Sarah Sageser had a son and a daughter He married Mary Stinson and later widow Mary Hoover no children in 2nd marriage.

    The family settled at Fairfield, Connecticut in Record lists children of each generation, but chiefly follows line of descent to Josiah Sturges of the 6th generation. He married Rebecca Copper in He was a merchant and inspector of customs at the port of New York. He died in at Bridgeport, Connecticut Connecticut, Fairfield, Darien tems First Congregational Church records, contains lists of members; records of baptism, marriage and death; admissions; historical notes; minutes of meetings and records of the Middlesex Ecclesiastical Society Connecticut, Fairfield, Greenwich Item 2: John Austin d.

    He married Ruth Hibbard, daughter of Jonathan Hibbard. After her death, he married 2 Rebecca Waring in ; they had 12 children. The family moved to Cayuga County, NY where he appears as a land owner in He died in Venice Center, Cayuga County, in In , but moved to West Medway, Mass. Lydia Thayer was descended from John Partridge who migrated to Medford in His grandson, Joel Partridge, who served in the Revolutionary War, was her grandfather. Also includes Sanford family Zachary Sanford d. He and wife Hannah Rockwell had 7 children Record chiefly follows line of descent to Dwight Edward Sanford He was born at Hawley, Mass, the son of William Sanford He married twice and was the father of 8 children He died at Hartford, Connecticut.

    Includes grandchildren Connecticut, Hartford Item Scofield family: Daniel Scofield native of England, immigrated to Massachusetts in He migrated to Wethersfield and then Stanford, Connecticut. He and wife Mary Youngs had 5 children Record gives children of each generation, but chiefly follows line of descent to Richard Dean Isler, who was born at Jersey City, NJ in and was a student to Union Theological Seminary in He married Marylin Parham in They moved to Springfield, Mass.

    In He died at home in Springfield. William Pratt of Cambridge, Mass. About ; Hartford Conn. About ; and Saybrook about William Pratt d. William immigrated to Mass. Asa Hillyer, who died in in his 82nd year, and wife Rhoda, who died in , in her 52nd year. He resided in Hadley, Mass. And Wethersfield, Conn. Simon was the son of Henry Walcott, who immigrated to America in He and his wife had 6 children most probably born in England.

    His wife died at Windsor, CT in He married 2 Jane, the widow of Henry Fowkes. James and family immigrated to America and settled in Saybrook, Connecticut, where he died in Guilford collection of cemetery inscriptions, vital records Connecticut, New Haven, Hamden Mt. Part of Preston including this Society was incorporated as Griswold.

    Includes baptisms , deaths and marriages ; some records up to Connecticut, New London, Groton Item 5: Avery notes and queries: a quarterly magazine devoted to the history of the Groton, Connecticut Averys Connecticut, New London, Lebanon Historical sketch of the Congregational Church in Lebanon, Goshen, Connecticut, with a catalog of its members 1st January - In Cemetery inscriptions, church records, vital records, marriage records, wills, Revolutionary soldiers, and family Bibles, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America, Vol. He and wife Elizabeth Fenwick Cullick, had 2 sons. In and to have removed to New London a few years later.

    Part was set off as East Lyme Society Niantic in Parts were set off as parts of Chesterfield Society in and Whether Josiah Read of Norwich, Connecticut was his son, grandson, or not related is not clear. Josiah Read d. He married Grace Holloway at Marshfield, Massachusetts in He and wife Hannah were married in Their son, Deacon Edward Ruggles was born in Mass. His wife, Anna Sumner was born at Pomfret, Connecticut. They had 8 children after Edward and Anna Ruggles died at Montague, Massachusetts.

    Their son, Robert Sessions was born at Pomfret, Mass in He and wife Anna Ruggles b. He married Elizabeth Edwards and they immigrated in ? To Northumberland Co, VA. He married Hannah Van Wayland, who had emigrated from Holland; they had 3 girls and 6 boys. Hannah died in Mt. Holly, Vermont at age Includes the Cooke, West, and other related families. She died William married 2 Catherine Lane Michael Steck d. Michael Steck Sr. He was minister of othe Lutheran congregation at Lancaster, OH at the time.

    He immigrated to America and settled in Braintree, Mass. He married Sarah Hayden in Their second son, Samuel, was born and married Bethiah Copeland. He was the father of at least 9 children. The family immigrated to Massachusetts in He died at Clinton, New Jersey.

    In , the family migrated to Shelby County, KY. In , the family moved to Daviess County, KY. She was the daughter of John Hardy. Jacob died in Also includes the Decker, McGuffey and Westbrook families. He died in Rye Twp, PA in A page with death records is included after the Bible records. They immigrated to America and settled in Utah. Yes Crispin Item T.