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Do you like beans? Do you like greens? Who cares: this meal mostly tastes like the metric shitload of bacon it contains.

Get Your Kids to Eat Anything: a 90-second explainer

Are you ready? Good, because we need to assemble some …. The bacon needs to be cut into half-inch or so pieces.

Delving into Get Your Kids to Eat Anything

You can either spend five minutes trying to find a clean kitchen knife, give up and wash a dirty one from the dishwasher, and then struggle to cut slimy, sticky bacon slices with it; or you can do as I do and cut the bacon with a pair of scissors. If you need to use safety scissors still, be my guest. While the bacon is busy doing its thing, decide how brave you feel.

Take anywhere from chipotle peppers out of their can and chop them into teeny pieces.

Betty Crocker Quick & Easy Cooking (MAY-AUGUST ) - Books

While the beans are draining, open the can of tomatoes too and drain off the excess liquid. Is the bacon done cooking yet?

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I am featured as a guest expert for the Spring issue of Mother and Baby Magazine , in which I wrote all the tips, tricks and recipes for a bumper page feature on making food fun. Get Your Kids to Eat Anything will help you to do something about it once and for all.

Delving into Get Your Kids to Eat Anything

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Can I ask is this for slighter older children than toddlers?

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My daughter Juneau is very fussy and has just turned 2, she was traditionally weaned but with being very fussy certain things she just wont eat texture wise Just wondered if it was worth getting the book? Hi — the core age group is from toddler right up to end of primary so yes, should suit her just fine. The texture issue is addressed through lots of activities that get them touching, smelling, picking, cooking with and generally interacting with food.

You take it at a pace that works for you. What a fantastic article — many thanks! The children loved the waffles although I did let them put some caramel sauce on them and they rolled out and cooked the tortillas themselves. Oh my goodness what absolutely amazing array of compliments this wonderful book of yours has had Emily! So very well deserved too.

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