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I am getting ready to branch out on my own starting in January and this post was a great help. Thanks Brent for this article! Is that enough to become a consultant? Is there a demand for people without formal certification? Thank you in advance! Hi Mei! The only way a potential client knows that you have the knowledge to help them is through certifications. The data is very clear that certifications actually increase your pay as well.

With 6 years experience, I would assume that you could knock a few certifications out with minimal effort and as a result, make more money in your day job, or charge clients more money while consulting. I realize it has been a while since you wrote this post. But I think my question and comment might still be relevant today.

The impact...

I started freelancing myself 3 years ago after 5 years at Deloitte Consulting. I am NetSuite Freelancer. I feel there is still a lot that could done to ease the path to freelancing. One thing I struggled with was being so isolated — not having anyone in my field of expertise to bounce ideas with or get support. When you are an employee working for a consulting firm you have a collaborative environment that really helps when some projects become really complex. As a Freelancer you are often left on your own.

I recently solve that issue by opening a Slack account where I invited all my friends and former colleagues to join. We are now a little group of 38 NetSuite freelancers using that platform to collaborate. Hi Oscar! It was always a side hustle. However, I can attest to what you are saying.

Get your 21-point checklist to succeed with social selling.

I now work for a consulting firm ShellBlack. It sounds like what you have established is a perfect way to network and bounce ideas off of folks.

Sometimes you need to just talk a problem out with someone! Thanks for the reply Brent! Using Slack has been great. I am part of several LinkedIn NetSuite groups, it always ends up being more noise than anything else. I believe the Salesforce community is much better in connecting their crowd. Thanks again! Hello Brent I need to hire an independent Salesofrce training consultant to help the company I work for do some customization, configuration and training on salesforce.

Can you recommend someone? Are you for hire? Hello Sally! I am not independent any longer; I work for a consulting firm and can only work on the clients that pass through the firm. You may also want to ask around in your local user group. There tend to be freelancers locally that are willing and able to help! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content scroll to discover more back to top Follow Twitter Facebook. So, how do you become a freelancer? Determine Your Value This is perhaps one of the hardest parts for the freelance beginner.

Make it Legal Generally, if money is to exchange hands, I like to get everything in writing.

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  • Your contract should include language around the following: What your agreed hourly rate will be and what you will be paid for such as time and materials, travel expenses, etc. Invoice frequency and due dates and late fees i. Termination language who can terminate the contract, when and how.

    Get the Proper Tools There are only a handful of tools that a beginner freelancer needs and they fall into the category of hours and expense tracking and invoicing. Admin Hero Trailmix Want even more? Share This! Published by Brent Downey. Thank you JobOnCloud! I appreciate the feedback! Thank You, Cliff Like Like. Sharing my playbook for graph database projects. Will be happy to answer any questions or offer advice.

    Ask Siri who is the quarterback of the New York Jets and you get a list of the current quarterbacks right away. However, Google Assistant know to answer the questions above.

    M 18 Three LinkedIn Feed Commenting Etiquette A Doctor's Perspective podcast

    Can you guess what happened? Better yet, it leads the way to use cases that are beyond the grip of any other system i have worked with. As an independent consultant for the past 7 years, i have produced a playbook that can help you levrage the power of graphs in 5 days. Think of it as a high-performance factory.

    What are the steps you can go through, and what results can be expected at the very end of this process? The goal of this stage is to explore the current structure of your data and translate it into a graph. Using the right tools, this can happen in under one day. Naturally, actually loading the data in the graph may vary, timewise. Expect to let the system run for about 30 minutes for each 10GB. Side-effect bonus : Non-technical people can understand the structure of the data, as graph databases are very whiteboard friendly.

    What are their questions? They care about me. They connected with me. So why would you do that on Twitter or Facebook or anywhere else? Let me send them all a pitch! Would you assault all of them with your pitch? You know send me your email or give me your phone number, I have something I think you might want to check out. How gracious of them to invite me to that event. Like, oh please! So aside from the whole pitching thing, have you seen other mistakes that network marketers have been making with social media?

    They forget that network marketing is like every other kind of marketing and that the most sales are already done.

    From zero to graph hero, in 5 days and 5 steps

    People buy things because of BLT. They believe you, they like you, they trust you. If you have BLT, they will buy it. They vote for political candidates because they believe them, they like them, they trust them. Look at all this great opportunity for all this interruption marketing that I could be doing! People hate that. I put out so much free content.

    I do a video every week on my YouTube channel. I do a blog post everyday, five days a week. You would of had to hire me as a consultant or go to my seminars or buy my book or buy my DVDs. I believe that guy, I like that guy, I trust that guy. Providing value is so key, I completely agree with that.

    What other advice would you give on how to use social media to get better results?