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So amazing to witness your strength and see you prosper. We fell in love with Garance Dore — the cute, chic, independent French woman we wanted to be. Not because you were attached to some man. Reading this post made me respect you more because of how sure you are of yourself. All the love and happiness from your fans. But there are only a few we can actually build a life with. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for doing what so many aspire to do: Being yourself and following your own path.

Kudos to you for having the courage to explore; what a wonderful adventure. First off, Congrats! Second of all, thank you! Thank you for your writing style and for your honesty. This is an article I believe women of all ages need to read. I look forward to more of your writings.. Wishing you the most beautiful new chapter and adventure. Sending you so much love and big hugs!

Je dois dire que je suis un peu abasourdie. Pourquoi ne pas le dire? Il faut pleurer. Filer sous la couette avec un bon bouquin et une tisane. Ou pas. Dire merde. I look up to the woman who is vulnerable, honest and courageous that you are. Thank you for keeping it real!

Je me sens mal, triste aussi et je culpabilise de vous avoir perdue de vue. Bref, la vie, la vie quoi! Hello Garance, Je ne te lis pas. Je ne te connais pas. Je ne sais rien de toi. Bonne chance et garde TON cap. Why are we in such a hurry to label every painful experience, a new beginning? Unless of course the relationship was bad. I like Garance but I think she has a lot of growing up to do. Brilliantly expressed. Like a soft pillow. Merci Garance, strong voice, strong woman. Sending sun shine… Janine.

Bravo Ne changez rien. Thanks for sharing. Being alone is the best gift we can give ourselves sometimes! Enjoy and here is to new adventures! In the future, I would like to know your thoughts on why do people have to have the Instagram life. You are just great. Keep on the good work, the good life, what makes you happy. To a new chapter, it might not be easy, but it will be a good one. Hugs, Chiara. I totally missed this. But…not surprised. It came through in much of your recent writing. Better than continuing something that is wrong.

All the best to you! Aaaaaah, I love your diary entries so much! Congrats to closing a chapter in your life, and beginning a new one. Take this time to enjoy your aloneness. De tout coeur avec toi dans ce nouveau chapitre. You are totally right. I would just add that happiness is never a permanent state. As well as unhappiness, luckily. Even when you find the right person, even when you have a baby, even when you get the job of your life.

We change. Life changes us. We are unpredictable. Happiness is as aleatory as a smile. We just have to try to live the best life we can, accepting ups and downs. Accepting our strenght and our miseries. We are just ships trying to cross the ocean sometimes with the wind at our back, some other through storms or dead calms. You are a beautiful person Garance. And you have all this people who trust you, and love you. Happy moments will arrive soon for you.

Lioness: how will Cersei’s story end?

I can feel it. Congrats dear Garance! The gift of solitude when you have such good friends is a blessing Enjoy this time because everything change! Ohhh, you just wrote my story… LA enveloped me 14 years ago after a devestaing breakup I was 35, 49 now and it was the most glorious chapter of my life, and remains to be.

I live my life with complete freedom. I am not selfish, or afraid as so many think, having never walked my path just someone who was fortunate enough to get to know herself and create a life worth loving… Congratulations, to the life you will love and love and love… XO! It was so interesting to discover how many people seemed to be scared by my decision to be alone.

A year ago this week, I left my friends, my family, my home of 20 years, and everything I knew to start again, alone, in Los Angeles. I have never been happier. Giddily happy. Thank you for writing this, Garance — it was such a delight to read and so beautifully put. Try to imagine yourself at 60 years of age looking back to your 43 year old self.

What opportunities do you have available to you now that you might want to take advantage of? Enjoy the renovation of your home. Bon chemin! Mais je te souhaite aussi de ne pas ressentir le besoin de te prouver, ou de nous prouver quoi que que ce soit. Et vive ce post. My years in my forties as a single woman were absolutely the best in my life.

I walked away from a marriage that looked perfect on the outside far from it on the inside and those years are something I cherish, not only because of the freedom and independence they gave me, but also because I now know that, if everything goes wrong again in the future, I will still be happy.

The Next Chapter - DORÉ

Les femmes sont beaucoup trop definies et jugeee par leur statut marital. Merci de rappeler que parfois ca fait du bien de ne pas etre en couple, ce qui ne signifie PAS etre seule. J aime bp monblogdefille qui assume tres bien son statut hors couple et independante sans meme s appesantir dessus?

Hi Garance, your beautiful article resonated so much with me. I had been unhappy for a long while and have kids so for too long I held on to the hope that I could just make things work because I thought this was better for my kids, society would judge me etc etc. However, I praise you for writing articles like this who help people understand that there are different acceptable realities to the ones who we are being fed from the media- realities which are so much more beautiful in that they are authentic and raw.

Thank you. Being in the same position as you are, a 38 year old single and fabulous girl , I was thinking last night how miserable I am and alone for not having someone in my life, my own children, etc, etc. I broke up from my boyfriend one year ago after a passionate love story as intense but also as frail as the candle light and here I am thinking I will never meet someone else.

And based on the story of the most important women in his life. Both the story, the acting and the photograpny are amazing. And when you atch it, please share your opinion with us. Best wishes to you on the New Year! Oh Garance. Over Christmas. I did want these things. Thank you so much for your post, hoping as the dust settles on this that I can move on, and take the pieces and make something beautiful out of my life. Kisses and hugs. Well…was just wondering about you…I follow you on IG where, unless I got wrong, you did not mention this.

I am shocked. You were having such a sunny whirlwind life… I am sad for you, because this is the end of something important, but this is also the start of something new which is to be built. You are brave and strong and solid. But lately you are also more human and accessible and lighter. Take YOUR time, this is so precious. Do all you can to be happy, at your pace. Good luck. Des bises de NYC … et.. Cheers to new beginnings? I am so late, I had no idea you separated.

Thank you for this text. For me the worst failure in life is to stay with someone not to be alone. These days I am happy in my relationship, but miserable at work. A friend of mine got divorced at 34, not a nice age either to get a divorce. My sister is married with 2 kids and I know that she is often unhappy with her husband. Life is never perfect. You have amazing friends who said congrats to you, cherish them and ignore the rest.

I broke up with my husband last year at 43 too. It was simultaneously the hardest and best thing to do. We were together 20 years and have a beautiful 3 then 2 year old. I relate to nearly everything in this post. I believe in feeling your feelings, whatever they may be and living a truly honest emotional life rather than what society deems or we think society deems to be perfection. Being your best self alone is a million times better than living a lie with a partner. Just like You,?? Thank you for honesty.

We women—whether single, non-partnered, multi-partnered, whatever and regardless of race and ethnicity—are dynamic, amazing, fierce, and getting shit done in this world. Echoing Veronica, I also congratulate you, Garance! I love this, Garance. Thank you for such a beautiful and honest account as always. And something that rang true and loud for me in many ways, as no doubt for many of your readers.

Trinity xx. There are many types of relationships after all: open relationships, poly-amorous relationships… etc. All of those are work. Good for you for being able to do the work. Good for you that you could choose to stay in a marriage… because some people do not have that choice. Divorce is work. Repeatedly going to court to get a restraining order against a violent ex-husband is WORK. And 2 leaving a marriage is more WORK than staying in one.

I also have 2 kids, twin girls, and the idea of just trying to find some peace is hard to explain to anyone. Thanks Garance. By the way, you look amazing! Merci encore pour ce post. Que des foutaises. So thank you for being real. And I am with Veronica Congrats and Cheers to the best in life that has yet to come…. My dear Garance, I have followed your blog for years and this hit heart hard.

What a beautiful transitional time you are going through. Thank you for this message. It was a gift for the soul. Wish you fulfillment and all the very best! I just read this, a long time after you made the decision. Your words ring true and honest. Lots of luck in whatever comes next.

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Thank you for this… I am going through something very similar and am absolutely terrified to make a choice to leave and feel there is no one to speak to about my complex feelings. Your insights are so important to share with other women. Please share as much as you can becasue it makes a huge difference to so many of us. I laughed and cried reading this! I knew at my core being by myself was better than being stuck in the paralysis of a dead relationship, and that made everything ok. And, like the commenter above, without it being my focus, I ended up experiencing the most amazing love of my life a handful of years later.

Will it last forever? Who knows. Much love to you on your next chapter, and the chapter after that, and the next, and the next…. A mere four years ago The Surf Lodge was a rundown motel looking for facelift. She saw the potential and revamped Surf Picking a swimsuit can be incredibly intimidating. The ruffles, the bedazzled triangle tops, and the tassels that come undone every time you even TRY In Los Angeles, like in Japan, actually, you often see women with umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun.

In the summer, staying pale is no problem for me. I stay in the shade. Yesterday on the beach, I was having fun people watching, and I realized there really are lots of different body types. Prev Post. Next Post. A few weeks ago, Chris and I separated. Forty-three is a particularly savage crucial time. Also fascinating? How people react to the separation. My ex ex. A neighbor. Of all the reactions, this is the one I was worried about the most.

And I always have been. Alternatives like saying: A breakup can be a great moment of discovery and self-love. My partner and I just separated. Translated by Andrea Perdue. Garance Growth. Beauty Silence. The Art of Life 2. Features Stephanie Danan: Conscious Creation. Features Dine With Friends. Features Cancel All Plans. Features The Art of Life 2. Features A New Page. Features Ian Schrager: Boundary Pusher. Garance 10 Rules of Being A Creative.

LMK S. El amor, con las manos abiertas. Para darlo y para dejar que se vaya. Love you Garance. Peu importe le comment et le pourquoi, tant que tu es heureuse. You rock! Congrats for this new chapter of your life. Love you G. I love your comment! I think this is a voice to be heard. Garance, Thank you for sharing this message and being so open and honest with us.

Merci, Naydeline. Thank you! Hope you got the dog! Dear Garance, Thank you, thank you sharing. Hugs and kisses! Jorge Jorginho for friends. Dear Garance, I have read your blog for a long time now and never commented although a lot has made me think, rage, laugh and lust after but I felt I really had to in response to this post. Et je plains les esprits craintifs qui confondent confort et bonheur. Been there, done that. You are already. Sending you love and light, Carolyn. Garance, this was probably one of the most beautiful texts I have ever readed from you!

I am very grateful, thank you to share and multiply the power of your learnings. Lots of love. It does. Continue to shine! Heartfelt wishes from Germany. Garance, Your post moved me greatly. Thank you always for your honesty and authenticity. Oh wahou!!!! Merci pour cette article, merci pour nous toutes!

Love, Helen. Bises From Paris. Bravo et bienvenue dans ta nouvelle vie! Dear Garance, The worst loneliness is the one you feel when you have a partner that makes you feel alone. Thank you for writing this!! Bonjour Garance, Je suis vraiment admirative de ton courage. Yes congrats! Think of all the people who are actually jealous of your freedom and courage!

Dear Garance I am a big fun of your personality, your career and your journey. Garance Sending you lots of love. Be kind to you. Be generous to you. You are a light. Simply shine. Much love, Alice. My heart stopped when I read this first sentence. So much love for you for following your heart!

I am going through the back and forth of wanting to leave but not yet finding the courage. Find comfort in yourself. Everything we need is within xx. Emile Nelligan. Everything you need in your life, you already have in abundance. Enjoy this new day! Anima mea Dominum. Et exsultavit spiritus meus. In Deo salutari meo. En revenant de Loraine, Margot. Rencontray trois capitaines, Vigne, vigne, vignolet, Margot labourez leg vignes bien tost. Ilz m'only salue vie vilaine, Margot, Je suis leurs fievres cartaines, Vigne, vigne, vignolet, Margot labourez leg vignes bien tost.

En revenant de Lorraine Margot. Rencontray trois capitaines Vignes, vignes, vignolet. And the merrie Mouse in the Mill, Tweedle, tweedle twino. The Frogge would a-wooing ride, Humble dum, humble dum. Sword and buckler by his side Tweedle, tweedle twino. When he was upon his high horse set His boots they shone as black as jet When he came to the merry millpin Lady Mouse beene you within?

Then came out the dusty Mouse I am the lady of this house Hast thou any minde of me? I have e'ne great minde of thee, Who shall this marriage make? Our Lord which is the rat, What shall we have to our supper? Three beanes in a pound of butter, When supper they were at, The Frog, the Mouse, and even the Rat, Then came in gib our cat, And catcht the mouse even by the backe, Then did they separate, And the frog leapt on the floore so flar, Then came in Dicke our Drake, And drew the frogge even to the lake, The Rat ran up the wall, Humble dum, humble dum. A goodly company the divell goe with all, Tweedle, tweedle twino.

Martin said to his man Fill thou the cup and I the can Thou hast well drunken man, Who's the foole now? I see a sheepe shearing corne, And a couckold blow his horne, I see a man in the Moone, Clowting of Saint Peters shoone, I see a hare chase a hound, Twenty mile above the ground, I see a goose ring a hog, And a snayle that did bite a dog, I see a mouse catch the cat, And the cheese to eate the rat, Elgi t'invita ed io. E corri ino. On lofty oak and ev'ry budding thing, To chant out cuckoo, cuckoo scarce began, When young Menelcas, like the swan, His winter cloak did fling.

And nimbly spring, And as the cuckoo cuck did sing. The Shepherd's down, down a down a down, was farra diddie dan. Y blessed be Christes sonde that hath us sent in honde mirth and joy enow. The plough goeth many a gate Both early and eke late In winter in the clay; About barley and wheat That maketh man to sweat; God speed the plough all day.

Brown, morel and gore Drawen the plough full sore All in the morning. Rewarde him therefore With a sheaf or more All in the evening. When men begin to sow Full well their corn they know In the month of May. However Janyver blow, Whether high or low, God speed the plough alway. When men begin to weed The thistle from the seed, In summer when they may; God let him well to speed And long good life to lead All that for ploughmen pray. Christe eleison. Kyrie eleison. Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis.

Laudamus te. Benedicimus te. Adoramus te. Glorificamus te. Gratias agimus tibi propter magam gloriam fuam. Domine Deus, Rex coelestis. Deus Pater omnipotens. Qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis. Qui tollis peccata mundi, suscipe deprecationem nostram. Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris.

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  • Patrem omnipotentem, factorem coeli et terrae, visibilium omnium et invisibilium, Et inunum Dominum Jesum Christum, Filium Dei unigenitum Et ex Patre natum ante omnia saecula. Deum de Deo, lumen de lumine, Deum verum de Deo vero. Genitum non factum consubstantialem Patri, per quem omnia facta sunt; Qui propter nos homines et propter nostram salutem descendit de coelis. Et incarnatus est de Spiritu Sancto ex Maria Virgine, et homo factus est.

    Crucifixus etiam pro nobis sub Pontio Pilato, Et resurrexit tertia die secundum Scripturas; Et ascendit in coelum, sedet ad dexterum Patris. Et iterum venturus est cum gloria judicare Vivos et mortuos, cujus regni non erit finis, Et in Spiritum sanctum Dominum et vivificantem, qui ex Patre Filioque, procedit, Qui cum Patre et Filio simul adoratur et conglorificatur, qui locutus est per Prophetas, Et unam Sanctam caholicam, et apostolicam Ecclesiam.

    Confiteor unum Baptisma in remissionem peccatorum, Et expecto resurrectionem mortuorum Et vitam venturi saeculi. Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth. Pleni sent coeli et terra, gloria tua. Hosanna in excelsis. Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini. Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis. Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi, dona nobis pacem. Ob es gestecht nach dein begier Will ich gewaltiglichen stan In deinem g'pot fraw vein on spot So blieb ich dein alleyne Du allerliebsts frewleine. Ma bouche qui savait sourire Et conter propos gracieux Ne fait maintenant que maudire Ceux qui m'ont banni de vos yeux.

    Muses, Chantez Composer: Guillaume Costeley [ - ] Date: Parts: SATB Lyrics: Muses, chantez le loz de la Princesse Que vous voulez servir incessamment, Chantez le bruit de sa vertu sans cesse, De son esprit et divin jugement; Chantez celut qui tresfidellement Le sert aussi; et qu'amour en repos Les vueille mettre eux deux si longuement, Qu'autre que moy ne soit leur atropos. Language: French Theme: Love Parts: TBB Lyrics: Nes que on porroit les estoiles nombrer, Quant on les voit luire plus clerement, Et les goutes de pluie et de la mer, Et l'areinne seur quoy elle s'estent, Et compasser le tour dou firmament, Ne porroit on penser ne concevoir Le grant desir que j'ay de vous veoir.

    Et si ne puis par devers vous aler Pour Fortune qui le vuet et deffent, Dont maint souspir me convient estrangler, Quant a vous pense et je sui entre gent Et quant je sui par moy secretement; Adone me fait tous meschies recevoir Le grant desir que j'ay de vous veoir. Car il me fait compleindre et dementer Et regreter vostre viaire gent Et vo biaute souvereinne et sans per El la tres grant douceur qui en descent. Einsi me fait languir piteusement, Mon cuer esprent et esteint mon espoir Le grant desir que j'ay de vous veoir. New Oysters Composer: Thomas Ravenscroft Language: English Themes: Round , SR Parts: Round of 3 Lyrics: New oysters, new oysters, new walefleet oysters, at a groat a pecke, at a groat a pecke, each oyster worth two pence, fetch us bread and wine that we may eate, let us lose no tme with such good meat, a banquet for a prince.

    Have you any wood to cleave? What kitchen stuff have you, maids? Le vertueux comme arbre frectueux, Apporte fruit en saison opportune, Si que le mal, qui les bons importune, Glisse leger au devant de ses yeux, Voire et la peur, qui le coeur vil estonne, Y arrivant pour ravit sa personne, On voit couler comme la cire au feu. N'estce pas la selon noblesse vivre? Ni flamme dont les rais allume tant d'amour. Deame, fill a drink and we sall sing Lyk mirrie men of musick fyne.

    Tak Bacchus' blissing it to bring So it be wight as any wine. If it be weak, giv't to the Treble Becaus he sings the clearest part. Small drink and butter maks him able, Sik food pertaineth to his art. The Counter is the prince of all Whilk does require a mighty voce Deame fill the cup aye when I call For I suld drink at evry close. The Tenor is the ground but doubt. Deame, fill a drink, I sall sing siccar. I sall keep time to drink it out I pray out, deame, gar fill the bicker.

    I blaw the Basse with meikle pain For want of drink to wash my throat. I pray you, sirs, gar fill wicht wine And I sall sing the laichest note. Thes Art of Musick is richt dry Of all the seavine the mirriest. Deame, ye ar sweir that lets us cry Once fill the stoop and let us rest. He mete a maydyn in a place; He kneled down before her face; He sayd, 'Hayle, Mary, full of grace.

    When the maydyn sawe all this, She was sore abashed, ywys, Lest that she had done amys; Nova, nova. Then sayd the angell, 'Dred not you: Ye shall conceyve in all vertu A chyld whose name shall be Jhesu. Then sayd the mayd, 'How may this be, Godes son to be born of me? I know not of manys carnaltte. Then sayd the mayd anon a-hye, 'I am Godes own truly; Ecce ancilla Domini. A solis ortus cardine, Comme le monde est long at le, All mankind maketh glee, Angeli canunt Deo. Ex illibata virgine Est nascu le Roi de Majeste The hirds him see in low degree Jacentem in presepio. Gloria tibi Domine, Fontaine de grace et de pitie, Of all thy goodness we thank three, Benedicamus Domino.

    Your beauty says "my love is summer's queen:" But your cold love like winter makes me sad; Then either spring with buds of love again, Or else congeal my thoughts with your disdain. And Jenkin was his journeyman, And he could tipple off ev'ry can, And thus he said to me: "To whom drink you? And drink your part with a heart willingly.

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    Now at last despair doth prove Love divided loveth none. Chorus: Sad despair doth drive me hence; This despair unkindness sends. If that parting be offence, It is she which then offends. Dear, when I from thee am gone, Gone are all my joys at once. I lov'd thee and thee alone, In whose love I joyed once. And although your sight I leave, Sight wherein my joys do lie. Till that death doth sense bereave, Never shall affection die.

    Dear, if I do not return, Love and I shall die together. For my absence never mourn Whom you might have joyed ever; Part we must though now I die, Die I do to part with you. Him despair doth cause to lie Who both liv'd and dieth true. Exortum est in love in liss; Now Christ his grace he gan us giss, And with his body us bought to bliss, Both all and some.

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    Who ys there that singith so 'Nowell'? I am heer, Syr Cristesmass. Wellcome, my lord, Syr Cristesmass, wellcome to all, both more and lass; come neer, nowell. Dieus vous garde, byews sir; tydings y yow bryng. Hath a mayd born a chyld full ying, the weche us causeth for to syng nowell.

    Crist is now yborn of a clene mayd; in an oxstall he ys ylayd; wherefor syng we, all at a brayd, nowell. The borys hede that we bryng heer betokeneth prince withowten peer ys born this day to bye us deer. A bore he ys a sovrayn beste and acceptable in ev'ry feste; so be thys lord to moste and leste. This borys hede we bryng with song in his worshipe which that thus sprong of virgin, to redress all wrong. Mirst geschehen des ich je bat: Ich bin kommen an die stat Da got mennischlichen trat. But mine is too little to sound the least tittle That belongs to the praise of a pot of good al; Although it will never be as big as I wish, Yet still I'll endeavour to drink like a fish.

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    Ay lasso me dolente devo finire Per ben servire et lealmente amare? Ai lasso mi dolente don finire Per ben servire e lialment' amare? Mein libste zart. Es leit mir hart. Hilf und gib rat. Sei wolgemut. Seh in mein herz. Mein traut gesell. Der mei ist hin. Wunschlichin schne. Sig, sold und heil, in herzen geil. Ich sachs eins mals. Mein einziges heil. Gesein dich got. So so mein libste zart.

    Ich wusste nie, was rechte libe was. Mein ist vergessen. O senens kraft. Hab ich lib so leid ich not. Tu auf, mein allerlibste lib.

    Magazine Transculturel, Transcultural Magazine

    Zu allerzeit. Ich far dahin und das muss sein. Sleep, I say, fond fancy, and leave my thoughts molesting Thy master's head hath need of sleep and resting.

    Folk Songs of Many Nations (Elson, Louis Charles)

    Eya, pietatis occulo placato, Cer ne ligatos fune peccatorum, Ne infernorum ictibus graventur Sed cum beatis tua prece vocentur. Apply your wits wholly to learning and virtue, whereby you may do your duty to God, may do your duty to god and your King. Make glad your parents, profit yourselves; and much advance the commonweal of your country.

    If there be any man can tell Where's the best wine: at Dog, Sun, or Bell, Let him come unto the crier, Quickly come, come quickly satisfy my desire: This say: A cup of rich canary Will make my heart full merry: Come quickly satisfy my desire. For all the day long she sits in a tree, and when the night comes, away flies she. Te whit, te whow, to whom drinks thou? Sir Knave, to thou. This song is well sung, I make you a vow, and he is a knave that drinketh now. Nose, nose, nose, nose, and who gave thee that jolly red nose? Cinnamon and ginger, nutmegs and cloves, and that gave me my jolly red nose.

    Lyrics: Of all the birds that I do know Philip my sparrow hath no peer; for sit she high, or sit she low, be she far off, or be she near. There is no bird so fair, so fine, nor yet so fresh as this of mine; for when she once hath felt the fit, Philip will cry still: yet, yet, yet. This rose is called on a rys: She hath brought the Prince of price, And in this time sooth it is, Viri sine semine. This rose is red of colour bright, Thro whom our joye gan alight Upon a Christesmasse night, Claro David germine. Of this rose was Christ y-bore, To save mankind that was forlore, And us alle from sinnes sore, Prophetarum carmine.

    This rose, of flowres she is flower; She ne will fade for no shower; To sinful men she sent succour, Mira plenitudine. This rose is so fair of hue; In maid Mary that is so true Y-borne was Lord of virtue, Salvator sine crimine. Oken Leaves Composer: Thomas Ravenscroft Language: English Theme: Round Parts: Round of 3 Lyrics: Oken leaves in the merry wood so wilde, when will you grow green a, fayrest maid and thou be with child, lullaby maist thou sing a, lulla lullaby, lulla lulla lullaby, lullaby maist thou sing a.

    Est verbum caro factum Virga tulit florem Stella maris solum Incorrupta novam Virgo parit prolem. Quam miranda fuit gratia nascentis Quo mortale genus ante tenebatur Ut sic contereret vincula serpentis. Qui nos hic liberai hic benedicatur. Bocanegra, toi, toi! Biancopelo, sta, qui sta, Ch'una camoza a mi me par vedere! Di', d'unde va? De qua, de qua! Per qual via va? Per quel boscaio, guata guata, ascosa. Molton, Molton! Chi se', chi se'? I' son il guardapasso. Che voi? Va de qua! Non vidi che son molte? Piglia l'una! Quala voi?

    Quella de drieto bianca, Perch'io la vego stanca. Nui tuti la seguimo cum effetto, Cridando l'un a l'altro: Pija, pija! Zafon, Zafon, Se avili! Non fa, no! Ton cul servira de trompette. Et ton devant fera la fete. Si te plait de nous le louer De ce je n'en veux mie.

    Et en jour de ma vie Je n'y voulu penser. Ta musette godinette nous fera danser Sur l'herbette frisque et nette, Puis recommancer, Nous dirons une chansonnette. Et sur la plaisante brunette Nos deux corps irons eprouver, J'en ai si grant envie. Qu'a seu que ne devie, Plus ne m'y faut penser. Mignonnette joliette veux tu t'avancer En chambrette bien secrette Le jeu commancer. Venite vous a moy. Gruch who lust, but none deny; So God be pleased, thus live will I; For my pastance, Hunt, sing, and dance; My heart is set All goodly sport For my comfort: Who shall me let?

    Youth must have some dalliance, Of good or ill some pastance; Company methinks then best All thoughts and fancies to digest, For idleness Is chief mistress Of vices all: Then who can say But mirth and play Is best of all? Company with honesty Is virtue, vices to flee; Company is good and ill, But every man hath his free will. In mundo nascitur, Pannis involvitur, Praesepi ponitur Stabulo brutorum, Sector supernorum. Perdidit spolia Princeps infernorum. Magi tres venerunt, Parvulum inquirunt, Parvulum inquirunt, Stellulam sequendo, Ipsum, adorando, Aurum, thus, et myrrham Ei offerendo.

    Omnes clericuli, Pariter pueri, Cantent ut angeli: Advenisti mundo, Laudes tibi fundo. Ideo gloria In excelsis Deo! Ante partum virgo Deo gravida, Semper permansisti inviolata. Stella matutina, dele scelera. Et in partu virgo Deo fecunda, Semper permansisti inviolata. Et post partum virgo mater enixa. Semper permansisti inviolata. Le regine le commendat Tuit cil qui sunt enamorat Que li jalous solent fustat Furs de la dance d'un baston. Tuit cil qui sunt enamourat Viegnent avant, li autre son!

    O, then, if this be so, Shall I a virgin die? Fie, no, no, no! Pour l'amour de ma doulce amye Ce rondelet voudray chanter. Et de bon cuer luy presenter Affin qu'elle en soit plus joly. Car je l'ai sur toutes choysie A mon plaisir sans mal penser: 5. Elle est belle, plaisant et lye, Saige en maintieng et en parler: 6. Je la veul servir et amer A mon povoir toute me vie. Mais quoi? Ispovedaytesia Ghospodevi, yako blag, yako v vek milost Yego. I have beene long a pretty maide, and yet I lie alone. Alone I lie in deep despair which kills my lonly heart for none will my swete joys repair or play a lover's part.

    A tickling part that maidens love but I can never get yet long have sought and still do crave at rest my heart to set. Unigenito Christo Dei filio! Redemptori Domino, puerulo, sacenti in praesaepio! Ein feines Kindelein liegt in dem Krippelein; Alle lieben Engelein dienem dem Kindelein, singem ihm gar fein. Singt und klingt! En tect bien seur, joignant les beaux herbages, coucher me fait, me meine aux clairs rivages; traite ma vie en douceur tres humaine, et pour son Nom par droits sentiers me meine. Beatus vir qui timet Dominum: in mandatis ejus volet nimis. Potens in terra erit semen ejus: generatio rectorum benedicetur.

    Gloria et divitiae in domo ejus: et justitia ejus manet in saeculum saeculi. Exortum est in tenebris lumen rectis: misericors, et miserator, et justus. Jucundus homo qui miseretur et commodat, disponet sermones suos in judicio: quia in aeternum non commovebitur. In memoria aeterna erit justus: ab auditione mala non timebit. Paratum cor ejus sperare in Domino, confirmatum est cor ejus: non commovebitur donec despiciat inimicos suos.

    Dispersit, dedit pauperibus: justitia ejus manet in saeculum saeculi: cornu ejus exaltabitur in gloria. Peccator videbit, et irascetur, dentibus suis fremet et tabescet: desiderium peccatorunm peribit. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum.

    Quam Pulchra Es [2 parts] Parts: S c3e4 S c3e4 Lyrics: Quam pulchra es, amica mea, oculi tui columbarum absque eo, quod intrinsecus latet, tota pulchra es, amica mea, et macula non est in te. Statura tua assimilata est palme, et ubera tua botris. Caput tuum ut Carmelus, collum tuum sicut turris eburnea. Veni, dilecte mi, egrediamur in agrum, et videamus si flores fructus parturierunt, si floruerunt mala Punica. Ibi dabo tibi ubera mea.

    La mi responde, "Tu sia el benvenuto," Et poi gli dic' in quella, "O gentil pastorella, Non men crudel che bella, Sei del mio ben ribella; Deh non esserver me cotanto dura. Caro Martin, balla Martin, salta Matrin, canta Martin Fa, ni nun ne na Cara madonna, che lo fat'a me Quando ch'el gallo canta innanti el di cu cu ru cu la mia signora fa chiamar Martin ch'elk vegna su. Caro Martin, balla Martin, salta Matrin, canta Martin Fa, ni nun ne na Cara madonna, che lo fat'a me Quando Martin sul letto giunto fu a lei vicin alzo la testa e sott' entro con lei hel bel confin.

    Ad quem magi ambulabant, Aurum, thus, myrrham portabant, Immolabant haec sincere Nato regi gloriae. De l'eternal et en est desireux, Certainement cestuy la est heureux. Raduysia, Devo, raduysia. Raduysia, vzivayu. Sladkago Hrista drazhayshaya Mati, dazhd pomoshch Tvoyu fsem nam poznati. Svoyego liudem Sina dazhd. Sina dazhd poznati. Ravi d'amours despour veu de bon sens Que penses tu quant a ce te consens De retourner au pereilleux passaga? Ou as este par Dieu tu n'es pas sage Se de franchise en servage descens.

    Advise toy, employe tez cinq sens A t'en garder, et ton cas goutte et sens, Car les loyaulx ne l'ont pas davantage. Se ne le faiz, des foys l'eure cinq cent Tu mauldiras, et de tous absens, Te trouveras; or mez en ton courage. Ce que te diz, escheve ton dommage.

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    • Ou aultrement tu es de taison sans. Let your softness be known unto all men: the Lord is e'en at hand. Be careful for nothing: but in all prayer and supplication, let your petitions be manifest unto God with giving of thanks. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesu. Sunt impleta, quae praedixit Gabriel.

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      Virgo Deum genuit, quem divina voluit clementia, Hodie apparuit in Israel. Ex Maria virgine est natus Rex. Magnum nomen Domini Emanuel, quod annunciatum est per Gabriel. Amolit le triste courous. De Venus le filz Cupidon L'univers semant de ses trais Da sa flamme va rechaufer Animaus, qui volet en l'air, Animaus, qui rampet au chams, Animaus qui naget auz eaus Ce qui mesmement ne sent pas Amoureux se fond de plaizir.

      Cithara sapientis melodia est Tibimet, genitor, forte placita; Cuncta captus devotorum laudum munia Nostri quoque sume voti harmoniam. Placare, Domine, nostris obsequiis, Quae nocte ferimus, quoque meridie, Criminum purga maculas, Quibus corda nostra hebetant, Nobis et, bone senior, Pro reatu dona veniam. Ex: Chess, Black narcissus. Ah wordpress! Pour qualifier votre aplomb, Ph. Des images? Simply mention a movie title in quotes and if the Yahoo!

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      Et alors? Catiminiphasme a disparu vive AudioMiniphasme. Lamid, soyez prudent! Dose maximale: milligrammes par jour ;. Mince alors, quel choc! Ah, ce vieil Edwards aux mains de vermeil? Une histoire de pavage. Un joyaux! Rien de plus simple. Ah bon? Retissant ou entouziasme, je vou le direz plu tar. Of course. Now, Ph. H, pas geek! Pas lamer du tout Ph. Pourrait-on avoir un rappel du corps des devinettes encore en cours? Vous voulez aussi le carnet de vaccination?

      Merci Jacques C. Poor Cary! Mille millions de sabords! Petite consolation? Que voyez-vous? Je ne connaissais pas votre Perret. Merdre alors! Voyons…Sur cette rame! Top Chrono, dirait MiniPhasme. Il a eu des filles? Allez, soyons magnanimes et laissons-lui le temps de raccrocher les wagons…. Ouh la la! Bravo Lamid! H HOOQ! Bon sang Martin , vous aviez raison de nous signaler cette Sainte. Welcome to Bienvenue qui a la sagesse de se passer de diacritique, elle. H et Martin…. Merci pour le tuyau. Mais de rien, cher vieux et devineur Martin : De neurones inaptes, je ne vois ni crois rien.

      Ne me remerciez pas pour ces conseils touristiques… Ils sont pour rien! Donc en hommage aux beuglements affectueux je veux pouvoir critiquer injustement les correcteurs : 1. Que nenni! Les passantes avaient mis leur capuchon. Je voulais me lever et partir. Et je vais vous en donner la raison. Je vous connais si bien que je peux vous faire quelques confidences. Le Pet. III, 3. Au resto, ne pas confondre avec escalope. Honni e soit qui mal y pense. Allez, rame ma poule! Allez, tiens!

      Et que penser de cette confidence? Fiat Lux! Auber Villiers? Vous plaisantez? Le Phasme, par exemple. Ils avaient sans doute tous raison…. Cool Raoul …. Foin des conchyphages! Supprimer ou fausser arbitrairement toutes les indications concernant les destinations, les correspondances, les horaires, etc. Coupable de non-distribution, Descartes? Mais bon. Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.

      Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town Waiting for soemone or something to show you the way. Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain. You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today. And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun. Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time. Tu parles Charles! I will stop, see I will stop for nothing Say the right things when electioneering I trust I can rely on your vote.

      When I go forward you go backward Somewhere we will meet When I go forward you go backward Somewhere we will meet. I trust I can rely on your vote rockas. Merci pour cette exhumation. Corot si. Son stylo et son briquet aussi. Et hop. Merci Martin , pour ce coup de fil inattendu! Ce Saint-Rame! Exit Miromesnil! Puisse Der Bahndurchstich couronner votre Sainte- Victoire! Tu me fends la poire! Un laguiole dans le cou? Est-ce une histoire de fous? The Full Monty.

      Il est sorti, le chef de gare! Ciao, Silvio! Bonnes nuits. A ce jour. So you can call your secret love And break the news to him. Oh I thought your little romance Was on the strict Q. So if you want your freedom P. Divorce me C. Well you can reach me down in Dallas General delivery So if you want your freedom P. Q Divorce me C. H, carabinier. Celui qui ne vous a fait aucun effet…. Puis au lit! Pour vous dire I. I owe you …. Archibald N. Bredouille, que signifie votre postscriptum? A wild goose chase too? Diiingue, non? Quel artiste a votre admiration? Pourquoi cet imparfait lamidinsky?

      Par bonheur, Alechinsky est toujours en vie, enfin Pierre Alechinski, le peintre, pour les autres Alechinski je ne sais pas…. Martin, vous ne devez pas avoir les bonnes lunettes …. Apocalypse garantie et fin du Monde …. Tant pis pour lui,… mais il a les moyens. Aussi Bonnard et Rouault. Et quelques autres. Je vous rejoins. Pour quelque? Quant au brave papi rhinomorphe de Ghirlandaio, il va sans dire que son abandon est accidentel…. Un petit bijou. Enfin, comment ne pas succomber devant ce retour aux routses?.. Heu… Vos illusions sur quoi?

      Cet artiste,…etc. Le papier monnaie aussi. Et toc! Du fait de la pollution, elles deviennent un peu plus rares mais restent assez communes dans nos ruisseaux. Chapeau, la Phasme-Artiste! Mon premier? Partie du corps. Mon deux? Mon trois? Particule des corps. Mon tout? P… de balises! Pour TRS qui aime les affreuse bestioles..

      Et pour tous, bien entendu, cette petite devinette. Apprenez pour votre gouverne, Ph. Chose promise …. Un grand gosse! TRS Excusez mon retard. Allez les vers! Je suis en retard … Il faut faire vite … Bon! Je refais un essai. Crop tonneau.