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Interweaving monologues tie together three women from a Yorkshire mining village all recounting their experiences with the unseen antagonist, Royce. The three women are extremely different characters and the play explores the profoundly devastating effects on all their lives which Royce has over the course of several years.

There was a nice variety of energy from angry to despondently acceptant to confused and damaged which subtly distinguished between the experiences and reactions of these women. Mixing in audience engagement with physical reenacting of their monologues provided a nice pace and energy, something that stood out throughout.

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The use of strong and consistent eye lines gave the opportunity for the other characters to be created from a female perspective, therefore giving the voice and attention to the victims of this bully rather than the bully himself functioning as the protagonist. The use of an unseen attacker eerily reflected the fact that most instances of domestic violence go unseen by the outer world and make the victim feel isolated. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

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There are 70 encounters in the book and they're all worth reading. Nowadays, this time is looked upon as having a rosy glow and with good reason. Today rock stars are often so popular that they are completely divorced from reality, so adept at social media that they cease to hold any mystery or so boring and marginal that not even their most ardent fans want to know anything about them. It is a seriously entertaining book and one that lovingly evokes a period - in this former music journalist's time, roughly the mid-Seventies to the mid- Eighties - when working for one of the big music papers was a real badge of honour, as well as enormous fun.

In Jones' case, it was Melody Maker where he got his job by sending in a letter which concluded, somewhat emphatically: " Melody Maker needs a bullet up the arse.

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There isn't much sex, but there's a fair bit of fighting, a considerable amount of drug-taking I had forgotten how many people took speed in the Seventies and a quite phenomenal amount of drinking.