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The book is packed with unnecessary scenes and pages of dialogue which should have been cut and replaced by a paragraph of narration. For instance, Dev goes to see the regional lord, the Douglas, and learns that the Douglas is worried about security at Coklaw. Then Dev goes home to see his father and gets the suggestion that Dev lobby to be the warden.

Then, Dev goes to see another lord and get his backing to be warden. Then Dev goes back to the Douglas and convinces him to appoint Dev warden.

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It had taken some negotiation, and Dev had even had to bring in the backing of another lord, but now he was here to take control. A lot of the reason for this high word count is filler. Because he left the Scottish army in France, declared himself too sick to go back, and persuaded his father to return in his place, I think he feels guilty that his father died there, making Archie the fifth earl. Third, nobody talks like this — not in today, and not in medieval times, either.

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So the book is meandering. Are the scenes themselves worth reading? Actually, in a gentle and bland way, they are. As I said, Dev is a nice guy. He is respectful of Robina and tries to make the transition to his authority as smooth as possible for her. Robina comes off as extremely young and unrealistic, engaging in implausible activities leading cattle raids and making stupid choices insisting on walking outside the walls by herself. Her reasons for not telling Dev about the coins are hazy.

NOOK Book. He is shocked to find that the raider he has pursued is no man, but a defiant beauty in disguise-and the woman he's vowed to protect at all costs. Face to face with a girl Dev thought he knew, the ever confident, marriage-resistant knight may learn that he is defenseless against the desirable woman she has become. Dev's help may be just as dangerous as the threats lurking outside her castle. But when enemies scheme to steal the castle's treasure, Robina must risk losing something even more precious-her heart.

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