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To each their own and all that jazz, and if walking around looking like bruised bald fruit is your thing, do you. But me and my eyebrows were not that enthused nor amused. Go ahead go ask that special someone in your life if they'd shave off their eyebrows for you to prove their love But I'm sure there'd be more on my team where eyebrows are free to be who they are. But I digress. The story is sort of hot, sort of not I love possessive heroes but I did not buy the Dom's "mine" grunting.

It was actually annoying. View all 8 comments. Dec 28, Elena rated it liked it Shelves: bdsm-kink , contemporary , hurt-comfort , mm. So, shaving definitely isn't my kink but But that bathroom full body shave scene, which took up most of the plot actually, was extremely erotic, sensual, intimate and reassuring. You see, the sub, Liam , had some serious problems alcoholism and he left. He simply left his Dom, Cord behind without telling him what's wrong.

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Without acknowledging his weaknesses : Now, after a few years, Liam is back. He needs Cord so much that he's willing to lay himself bare - his body and soul - just to be Cord's boy again. He reveals it all: the alcoholic problem, the rehab, the temporary homelessness, the minimum wage day labour. He's ashamed, so very much, but he's also strong enough to come back and try again.

I must admit I liked Liam a lot ; And Cord is wonderful too, he takes Liam back, risks his heart again and is determined to this time never let Liam go - whatever the odds. I think only in circumstances like those is such an intense and intimate ritual like full body shave really good: reassuring and cleansing. I'm still comparing the short reads in this series and still favouring the ones with couples who have known each other for a longer time. As I said before, erotic shaving is not my thing but I can understand its cleansing factor and a Dom's need to strip their sub naked, so naked that there's nowhere to hide their feelings, not even under a dusting of body hair.

And though the purpose of this scene is slightly different, Shaving reminded me of the cleansing body shave scene in one of my first and favourite BDSM books - Trusting Thomas by K. Wells : Sorry for no direct links : I think GR is not working properly again Nov 18, Serena Yates rated it really liked it Shelves: gay , bdsm-and-d-s. I can see the appeal of the intimacy during the act itself, and the trust needed for a guy to let another man close to him with a sharp razor.

I get the idea of shaved skin feeling very different from hairy bits, especially in more intimate areas, but I have real trouble understanding how shaving someone's head or, much worse for me, the eyebrows, can be attractive! Yes, it will all grow back, but like the Shaving, when used in BDSM play, is one of the kinks I find more difficult to understand. Yes, it will all grow back, but like the sub in this story says even babies have eyebrows, and the change in someone's face without this little bit of hair is huge.

So yeah, I get why Liam, the sub in this story, ran the first time his Dom mentioned all-over shaving. I am not at all sure it was just due to the secret he wanted to hide from Cord, said Dom. After all, how much can you really "hide" behind eyebrows? Cord is definitely "addicted" to shaving. It is intimate, requires trust, and he just adores naked — to the point of hairless - skin. All over his boy's body. Too bad his boy ran three years ago when a full-body shave was mentioned. So, when Liam finally returns, Cord is full of hope it will be different this time.

Not that this makes him slow down, or maybe explore the reasons for Liam's running away. He plunges right back in, going for everything. Liam has spent three years working on his problem, and is finally ready to go back to Cord. He misses him terribly, is still very much in love, and is ready to bare himself completely — quite literally. It is interesting that he actually was hiding a secret, and the thought of letting Cord as close, emotionally, as Liam imagined was needed for a full body shave, was too much. He is ready now and I was impressed how far he was wiling, and able, to go.

If you like men with somewhat unusual kinks, if you enjoy reading about the trust required between sub and Dom for certain activities that may look less "spectacular" than floggers and whips, but require at least if not more trust between them, and if you're looking for a hot read with a sweet ending, then you will probably like this short story.

Feb 07, James Cox rated it really liked it. I liked it very much. Dec 13, Trix rated it liked it Shelves: angst , bdsm , contemporary , mm-novels. Another first for me. Had no idea shaving could be turned into a kink. Michael proved me wrong. This gets 3 stars for the simple fact that I was able to glimpse into Cord's mind and perceive shaving as an art form, something enticing and alluring, enough to cause even a physical reaction. It does nothing for me but it was an important part in Cord and Liam's lives. And I understood that, despite my personal preferences. Dec 05, Candice rated it liked it Shelves: are , m-m.

I kissed Megan's cheek and then licked at her tears, easing off the fingers behind me: "You did it, Megan. Her other hand was working at the clit of the little Hispanic seventh-grader, who was spun around with Zach's dick buried three inches into her ass.

She smiled and beckoned with her middle finger for me to bend down to her. She leaned in and kissed me, pressing a mouthful of spunk onto my lips. We locked eyes after a moment. You remind me so much of me when I was your age. You're going to be the best Bitch this school has ever had. I didn't even know what to say. She nodded up the aisle: "I'll take care of Megan and St. George's knot. You go make the announcement, little girl. I noticed that someone had replaced the magic marker in Mrs.

Zinnia's ass with a beer bottle. She didn't seem to mind, and was now working Coach's huge cock with both hands while Jeff fucked her face. Team Captain Rock had stopped to get a beer, and was watching as the little 6th-grader I had commanded to each my cunt was being held down and raped by a halfback named Rick. Her quiet friend, the one who had ignored me, sat on the little slut's chest and held Rick's dick steady as he rubbed his thick tool through her puffy, lily-white pussy lips.

At the front of the bus, Coach's wife took a momentary break from sucking the driver's dick to hand me the microphone for the bus's public-address system. I leaned in close to the seat to allow the driver to run his free hand over my body. May I have your attention! I could feel cum running down both of my legs as I bent over to accept it. George Mastiffs raped the living fuck out of the limp-wristed faggots of South Central!

Our special guest was being used in all three holes now, with the duct tape which had once covered her mouth now firmly placed across her eyes. Someone must have convinced her that biting would be a bad idea, but that a rousing session of "three-prong outlet" might be a fun game that would get her home sooner. George Bitch Squad is pleased to announce that, oh, fuck, mister - are you trying to get your whole hand up my shitter? And yes, he was. I pushed back, trying to see how this was going to work out. Coach's wife pulled an ass-cheek aside to help him, took his dick in one hand, threw one of my legs over her shoulder, and then applied those thick dick-sucking lips to my clit.

George Jesus fuck Christ mister, school spirit rape my fucking ass, Jesus, mister, please. Oh fuck. And by 'saved me', I mean that she helped her mom steer while the bus-driver lifted me up into his seat and fucked the holy shit out of my ass. Go Mastiffs! Black Tie Affair - Nicholas Fellheimer I stepped into the gold-appointed bathroom, gazing at blond little Lydia chained down to the base of the sparkling toilet. Everything was immaculate, including her: frilly white dress, white ribbons in her hair, white knee-socks, black patent leather shoes and a stout length of black iron rings two feet in length and fastened to her slave-collar to keep the little whore firmly secured to the ground.

Well, technically, she was held to the floor by both the chain and by my father, at the moment. With one great hand wrapped around her pale throat and another lifting her slender young leg up at an angle, he slipped his thick cock into her unwilling, hairless cunt with long, slow strokes. She made soft sobbing noises as I watched his cock, slick with KY, punch into her tight quim.

I had seen my dad fuck many times before, and I knew that he was just getting warmed up for the evening. God damn, he's gorgeous. He slipped his throbbing cock from Lydia with a wet POP and let her leg fall as he stood, straightening his black dinner jacket. As my father stroked a massive erection and slipped it between my slack lips, I watched Lydia curl up around the gleaming white toilet and weep softly.

I assume that your brother has checked the preparations in the other two bathrooms? Mather and his family will be running late, and I know that he will want to use the little redhead in your mother's bathroom when he arrives. Has she been lubricated? I tried to lick his balls, with limited success. He raped the little Japanese slit we got him for his birthday half to death in that bathroom, didn't he?

He had one hand on the back of my neck and another cupped under my chin with a thumb against my cheek, thrusting with one smooth motion down my throat like he was slipping on a condom. The maids will have a conniption if he ruins her hair, too - those ribbons, I'm told, are matched to her eyeshadow, the shower-curtain and the towels.

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  • What is her name again? She's eleven years old, four-foot-three, and seventy-five pounds. Her hair color and nipples match the accents for mother's bathroom, she has been dressed in emerald to match the primary coloration in the room, and Reginald has been informed to keep his horse-cock out of her until midnight at least.

    She can take most of the dogs except for Whore-Ripper, she cries when her nipples are pinched, and she her asshole, while lubricated, is still technically virgin. Mather very much, then. As for you, Rachel, well - you will make your uncle a very fine wife someday. He walked out, then turned. And find out where your little sister Raina has gotten off to, if you would. Listening to him casually discuss rape while he fucks my face always turns me on.

    I glanced down at my dress and at the floor, being certain that nothing had stained my black dress. No, I was immaculate as always. After checking the wet bar, the camera and the large plate of pills by the sink, I briefly considered tormenting Lydia but thought better of it. She was, after all, for the guests. I walked out of the upstairs bathroom and glanced over the banister down the spiral staircase at the scene in the foyer.

    Reverend Marcus was shaking my father's hand, and already had his dick in the moth of our maid, Chloe. Marcus, still in her black fur coat, impassively held the leash of their family's large dalmatian Maximilian, who was rutting into Chloe's squishing pussy with abandon. Their 17 year old daughter, Angelique, was dressed and made up like a miniature version of her mother except that a thin Asian girl about 6 years old was at the end of her leash, outfitted in a dalmatian-print bikini with a tiny black spot drawn on her nose.

    She wore a headband with little black-spotted doggy ears, as well, and cum ran both of her inner thighs. Although I didn't much care for the Marcus's, primarily because Angelique always calls me a baby and makes me tongue her asshole while my brother fucks her, I had to admire their style. Hours must have been spent on their hair. I slipped down the hall, to where my little sister Raina was still in the television room.

    I opened the door and found her sprawled on the couch with a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels pressed against her clit and Whore-Ripper's tongue slurping out the inside of her peanut-butter smeared cunt. Want some? Whore-Ripper looked at me, snorted, and went back to rooting in my sister's slippery pussy. She shuddered and twisted her tiny nipples. How difficult is it to be on your best behavior when dad throws a party?

    The only way any of the guys here, ung, god yes, will have the balls to fuck Randolph Raynard's middle girl is if they're, fuck Christ yes, sure that I'm proper good and fucked to begin with. I had to physically jam Uncle Horace's dick into myself at the dinner table when I was her age, and that was after squirming on his lap under an assault from three fingers for almost two hours.

    I thought the poor old guy was going to have a heart attack when I came. Any of them will, oh shit yes, pound the living shit out of my pussy if given the slightest chance, and I feel that a little lubricant, whether alcoholic, orgasmic or canine-saliva in origin, is best called for in such instances. Her thirtieth birthday is certain to be a, ah fuck yes, a roaring success. Whore-Ripper continued to lick away. It's time that you, unh, fuck, oh, got acquainted with the facts of life one way or another. Papa is already talking to a very wealthy man from Gibson University who has an interest in Reanne, and I, oh Christ fuck me yes, wouldn't be at all surprised if the littlest Raynard girl was getting her pony tonight.

    And pulling a train. I pinched a nipple and pressed my still-wet pussy against the arm of the couch through my dress. You're the one who, oh fuck yes, likes to squirm and tell Daddy what he wants to hear while he's fucking you, and Reanne is the one who pisses her panties and flashes the help and acts like a brat until Daddy holds her down and rapes it out of her. I'm the one, shit yes fuck Christ, who makes Daddy talk dirty to me if he wants me getting wet on that thunder-dick of his, and he's very excited about putting on a show with Reanne tonight.

    She gets to watch the, fuck fuck fuck yes, the girl who has stolen her husband's heart for the last nine years finally take a dicking that would turn most whores inside out. Mom will be bent over the cake table with our big brother pounding her sloppy pregnant pussy from behind while she massages the balls of the next man in line to, oh shit yes god, rape her baby. By the end of the night, Reanne is going to service a whole lot of dogs, a whole lot of guys, one very happy pony with a big pink pecker and at least one Reynard girl: me.

    It wasn't until it was too late that I realized she had slipped a fingerful of peanut-butter into my asshole. After having my colon cleaned-out by Whore-Ripper while he plowed into my sister's frothing cunt, I told the little bitch to get clean, get dressed and get downstairs in record time.

    In the kitchen, cooks and caterers scurried around, and dozen gleaming pots roiled away on stoves. On the floor, my mother was bent over with her pretty face against the linoleum next to an empty glass of red wine, her dress hiked up to her swollen tits, and several inches of my brother's huge dick slowly easing in and out of her grasping pink shit-pipe.

    See a Problem?

    Both of her hands disappeared beneath her belly, and I could hear the sound of her slapping her meaty cunt. Will you tell this bastard to stop raping my naked, vulnerable asshole? Reginald, will you please stop raping Mother's tight, hot, gaping asshole? There are single mothers in every grade from sixth to Seniors who fell for that smile.

    This churning little fuck-hole of hers is amazing. Watch: if I twist on this titty right here, her whole ass clamps down on my dick like she's trying to suck a nut out of me. She does have guests to attend to. You know that. Mother has just seemed extra whorish tonight. I'm not one of his little starry-eyed, eleven-year-old fuck-dolls. Seriously, Rachel, come feel this. Here, slide underneath her so you can see it better. I'm just going to move under you so that I can use both hands to work this magnificent prick as it rapes you. With a low 'umph', Reg emptied his balls into her, then pulled out and wiped his ass on her ass-cheek.

    Have a good time at your party, Mom. Along the way, he snagged a bread-stick off of a platter and groped a teenage girl on the wait-staff. All the Raynard men are like that, I suppose. It is the burden we bear. Why, your father did nearly the same thing to be on our very first date, fifteen years ago. Now, sweetheart, if you don't mind, I don't want any of your brother's hot, sticky fuck to run out of my ass and stain this lovely dress. Would you be a dear and suck it out for me?

    Class Fuck-Doll - by Nicholas Fellheimer I hate it when my mom comes to my school, mostly because she's such a control freak, and it's gotten way worse since she started dating Gideon. There I was, in the middle of hottie Mrs. Devlin's math class, and my mother started knocking on the window. Everyone looked at me, and all I could do was roll my eyes. Jeez, she just loves intruding. Blaine, the cute guy who sits behind me, leaned in and whispered "Jesus, Haley, your mom's a fox. My mom is a total hottie, but it's so weird - ever since she and Gideon started going out, my mom never wears a bra or panties any more.

    I could see the dark outline of her nipples right through her dress shirt, and it looked like she had something wet and shiny running down her chin. She smiled at me, and gestured for me to come outside. I turned to Mrs. Devlin, my teacher, and she just smiled and shrugged. She has a real crush on me, I think - a lot of guys and girls both have started looking at me like that since I turned 12, and I've noticed that I can get away with a lot more.

    I stood, and mooned Blaine behind me as I got up, which I had been doing recently just to fuck with him. I had noticed that a lot of guys in class had started leaning in to watch me do that, so I had stopped wearing panties. I mooned the class pretty well, that time. Seeing the wide-eyed reaction on the face of Mrs.

    Devlin, I decided to give her a hug to thank her for letting me leave class to see my mom. She's pretty tall, and I'm short for my age even in the high heels that Gideon bought me, so I just walked up, threw my arms around her hips, and pressed my tits right below hers. God, she felt good. I looked up and batted my eyes at her. I'll make it up to you after school. I whispered in her ear: "Aren't you going to kiss me, Mr. Come by my room at , maybe, okay? Devlin, you should kiss me. Man, she's cute, and a great kisser. I bit on her lower lip as she pulled back, and tried to whisper as softly as I could from the back of my throat: "I'm not wearing panties.

    Show my pussy to the class. I widened my stance and started bending at the waist. Pull up my skirt and show them my tight, bald, coral-pink pussy. This drew applause from the whole classroom. We kissed for a few more seconds, and then I pulled away, running one hand across her firm tits as I left the embrace. See you at Damn, my mom is rubbing off on me! By the way, I don't mean that she was 'rubbing off' on me literally.

    I mean, a few times since she started dating Gideon she's had me help her shave her pussy and has started frigging her clit while I was using my mouth to dry her labia, and there was the one time that she came into my room drunk after a party and made me feel the inside of her to see if I could guess how many guys she had fucked that night, but she very rarely actually 'rubs off' on me.

    Sometimes, in the shower, I guess. Anyway, outside, my mom had a big grin on her face, and I could see that the slick, pearly wetness across her chin ran all the way down her neck and down the inside of both her thighs to her high-heels. I wasn't sure. From who? Here, taste some and see if you can guess..

    She pulled her skirt up to show me her abused cunt, with semen still leaking out of it. I bent and started tasting. Haley, you and I have a meeting in the Principal's office. Gideon asked me to talk to your school, so I came by. Gideon wants the school to make some special arrangements for you girls, so he, oh, fuck, yes baby, had me come by to talk to the, fuck, yeah, school's administrators. You'll see. I think you'll, fuck fuck, really like this. Alright, now we don't have all day.

    Get you little ass moving. My mother nodded to him, dutifully turned to the wall and put both of her hands against it. Uh, sir, would like to fuck my mommy? Your momma free later? She'll be in the principal's office when you want her. My little sister Dani, wearing nothing but the leash and collar that Gideon bought for her, had a cock in each hand and was sucking on a third.

    My mom dropped to her knees and took a dick in each hand. High; these gentlemen are from the High School, these other two men are the administrators in charge of Dani's grade school, and the big-dicked gentleman fucking your sister's mouth is the Superintentant of schools.

    I shivered at how strong he was, and he let go of my hand to wrap it around my neck. Two guys began to move in behind me, running their hands across my legs, tits and ass. My firm tits fell free as my shirt was cut away with a pair of scissors, and another cock slipped into my left hand. I started milking it. The superintendent tightened his grip on my throat "She feels fantastic, sir. Now, you and your little sister are both going to be moved to the High School as of tomorrow, and I'll be taking a firm hand regarding your education from now on.

    You'll be taking three blocks of Senior boys PE, a few automotive classes, and a photography course. The cock in my left hand started leaking pre-cum, which I rubbed up and down the shaft. Without hesitation, I licked two of my fingers and ran them across my sphincter, feeling my little teenage shitpipe warming up.

    The superintendent let go of my throat: "Now, these men are going to take you on a little test drive, Haley. Specifically, they're going to fuck the holy hell out of you, and we're going to see if you're really ready to become our class fuck-doll. The guy on my left walked around to my front, now letting me use both hands to milk his dick.

    Steve, tell this little bitch to slip your dick in her overheating cunt while I fuck her baby sister. She's dating a couple of Juniors these days, but I'm going steady with the entire Varsity football squad Still, I do happen to have a few unfinished stories here and there. Here it is, leaking out of my pussy, and nobody told me.

    Oh, heck, it's starting to leak pretty bad - I can feel it puddling in the wooden seat and up against my bare butt-cheeks. God, how did I ever let Sasha talk me into going out with her friend Nikolos? Trying to be cool and keep all the thin, watery dog-cum from staining the back of my skirt, I lift my butt off the seat for a second and flip my pleats back. Bad move. There's this wet sucking sound as I get up, like a when titty gets a hickey, and then a little liquid sound when I sit, like a bare-assed fourteen year old mutt-slut sitting down in seven dog-cocks worth of fresh fuck-juice.

    A couple of heads turn to look at me, and I blush from head to toe. Reinhardt stops for a second to look over his glasses at the class, then continues. I look down, and I realize that my dark nipples are poking right through my white dress-shirt. I start blushing so hard that my tits turn a reddish-pink, totally visible through the thin cotton shirt that I'm wearing without a bra. Oh, hell. I feel a cool breeze then, as the very back edge of my skirt is lifted from behind.

    There's a whisper: "Holy shit, dude. I think that's cum on there. A deeper voice: "Lift it higher, man. I think Bailey forgot her fucking panties. Look at her ass! Fucking sweet! How'd she get all those red lines on there? I wanna see your asshole. Reinhardt is staring at us in the back of the room. The deeper voice. Warren, who sits behind me: "No, sir, Mr. Reinhardt, sir. Reinhardt walks to the back of the room. All eyes are on us. I'm in a half-crouch, tits mashed against my desk, with my ass a good six inches off the seat.

    Slobbery dog cum runs down both thighs to the insides of my knees, and I'm blushing as red as I ever have. Warren is leaned back in his chair, using the toe of his left boot to lift the back of my short, pleated school-girl skirt and look directly at my out-thrust ass. He has a huge shit-eating grin on his face. He doesn't let my skirt drop as Mr. Reinhardt walks up, and I want to die like I never have before in my life.

    She seemed upset. I see. Reinhardt slowly takes his pointer out from under his arm and brings it down to the level of my pussy. I lean forward further, pressing my forehead and cheek against the desk, and my ass raises another inch off the seat. Everyone in the back row is leaning in now, staring at my dripping snatch.

    Reinhardt presses the tip of the pointer against my bubbling cunt, and a dollop of dog-fuck rolls into the pool in my seat. As calm as ice, Mr. Reinhardt wipes the tip across my cheek and begins walking back to the front of the room.

    Books by Scarlett Knight

    Would anyone here be willing to escort Bailey to the nurse's office? Bailey Lays, please stand up. I look down, and dog-cum is running the backs of both of my legs to my socks. I put my hands to my sides and try to stop blushing. Lays, these nice young men are going to escort you down to the nurse's office.

    I do not want you to give them any trouble, do you understand me? He leans in very close, and brings down the tip of the pointer in contact with my nipple. I shudder and rub my knees together. He tags me hard across the painfully-erect nipple with the pointer: "I asked you a question. Do you understand me, Bailey? Now, before you go to the nurse's office, clean up that mess that you made in your seat. Everyone in the room staring at me. Every boy has a wicked gleam in his eye and a look of awe, every girl a smug look of superiority or a little tinge of hunger.

    Nikolos always says: "Everyone loves a fuck-doll. The thin material wasn't going to do much good trying to soak up semen, but the moment I stand topless I feel my nipples harden in the cold. I crumple the warm shirt to use as a rag, wishing I could pinch my tits. I begin to bend over at the waist, keeping my knees straight like Nikolos has taught me, and a crack of lightning shoots through my backside as Mr. Reinhardt lays his pointer across my ass. I gasp, thrusting back, presenting white butt-cheeks streaked with pink marks from just such a flogging.

    Perhaps you should try licking it up. Reinhardt lays strokes across my ass, when I realize how glad I really am that my dad started dating Sasha. Maybe I should start from the beginning: My dad is a great guy, and I do my best to be the best daughter ever. It can't be easy raising a year old girl all by yourself, especially since he also has to take care of the little hellions, my baby sisters Gracie and Natalie - they're 11 and 9, respectively.

    Steve, my dad, he says that Gracie and Natalie take more after my mom than I do, which is really sweet - he says that they really remind him of her during her 'wild days'. I don't really know what he means by all that, but I guess that my mom IS kind of wild - she left my dad to go see the world when I was only six, right after Natalie was born, and my friend Mandy tells me that my mom had some kind of a 'reputation' when she left.

    I don't really know what that means, either, but Mandy says that her dad isn't allowed to mention my mom at home. Something about a golf-ball through a garden hose, I guess, and her dad getting caught 'red-handed'. Anyway: my middle sister, Gracie, is always getting in trouble. She's been caught shoplifting a bunch of times, although somehow she and my dad have convinced all of the stores to drop the charges. Gracie sometimes come home and tells my dad that she's "been a bad girl" or is "feeling like a bad girl", and he takes her into his bed room to discipline her.

    Boy, that girl sure needs a lot of disciplining! Anyway, I've heard through the grapevine that Gracie is sometimes disruptive in class, and she probably would have gotten kicked out of school if the principal and a few of her teachers didn't like her so much. She's only in 6th grade, but she joined the Jr. High boy's soccer team at our school last year at the coach's suggestion. He and Dad were hoping that a little bit of disciple and some "team effort" would help straighten her out, and so far it's seemed to work. Gracie is always talking about the coach and how cute he is, and even though she never actually plays on the field, the team gave her an MVP trophy this year at their big end-of-season dinner.

    She calls herself the team mascot and the "ball girl", and after they gave her the trophy she went to the showers to thank the whole team privately. I've never seen a group of boys so happy, and the coach's wife was practically beaming when she came out. My littlest sister, Natalie, well She pretty much gets anything she wants: I wanted a dog for years, but it wasn't until Natalie asked for one that we got one.

    Champ, our golden retriever, sleeps in her room, and the two of them have a game which she calls "get the peanut-butter. The one weird thing about Natalie, other than how she sometimes wants to sleep in Dad's room, is that although she's old enough to use the ladies-room like any other girl her age, she always insists on going into the men's-room. I remember, about a year ago, we all went to a movie at the local multiplex as a family, and Natalie announced that she had to pee just while we were sitting down.

    She and Dad went to the bathroom together, and it wasn't until the movie was over that I noticed that they hadn't come back. Gracie had headed back to the back row to talk to the dad of one of her friends from school, but the lights came up and Natalie and Dad were still gone. When I went to the back of the theater as the show was ending, Gracie was sitting on the guy's lap; she must not have been very comfortable there, because she kept squirming around. Her friend's dad was really nice, though, and said that he always enjoyed meeting polite young ladies like my sister.

    I told him that I wouldn't exactly call my sister polite, and he just laughed. When I excused myself to go find my dad, he said that he would take care of Gracie while I was gone. I finally found my dad standing by the busiest men's room in the theater! There must have been six different bathrooms that he and Natalie could have chosen, and they had to choose the one with a half-dozen guys in line to go in! Dad said that Natalie was still inside and that she was doing fine, but he wanted to stay here and watch out for her just in case. Anyway, we ended up staying the rest of the day: I watched the same movie three more times, and Gracie met up with a couple of dads of her different friends in the back row.

    At one point, she found the dad of one of her friends in the very front of the theater, and the two of them got to hollering quite a bit right in the middle of one show while she was sitting on his lap. The usher came down and I thought that he was going to throw Gracie out, but after he took her up to the back row and talked with her for few minutes, everything seemed to be okay. On the way home, Natalie was wrapped up in a blanket in the back seat because she was feeling tired and had lost her sundress in the bathroom, and Gracie wanted to sit in the front seat with dad and talk about the friends she had made.

    I guess that Dad was pretty upset with how she had behaved at the theater, because he took her to his room and disciplined her all night. Anyway: our family is otherwise pretty normal. That is, we were, until Dad started dating Sasha. I was pretty surprised when Dad came home with Sasha. It's not because she was so pretty - my dad is a very good-looking guy with a great job as a land developer, and has gone out with a couple of really attractive women over the years.

    It's just that Sasha was so young: at 20, she's only a few years older than I am, with a job as a waitress at a club that my dad and his friends go to, and she has a seven year old daughter named Erin. Sasha and Erin came home with my dad one night, and she really wowed me right away: I was sitting watching television on the couch, and Sasha came right over, told me to stand up, and gave me a great big hug. It was a little wild, because she kind of grabbed my butt and and she nibbled on my ear a little bit, but she kept saying that we were going to be the best of friends, and I knew that she was right.

    She looked totally amazing in a tight red dress that looked like something out of a movie, and when I told her how pretty it looked she pulled it straight off over her head and asked me if I wanted to try it on! I was blushing head to toe, standing there in my nightie while I tried not to embarrass either my dad or his date, but I had to admire Sasha's figure.

    Publisher Description

    She wasn't wearing any underclothes, and her breasts not that I was looking! I didn't know what to do, so I just fidgeted and tried not to look at anything - I glanced at my dad, and he was holding Sasha's daughter Erin and running his hands through her hair. You and I have GOT to be about the same size. It will look so pretty on you!

    Don't be! It's just us girls and your dad! Here, let me help you with your nightie. My dad said something, low so I couldn't hear, and suddenly Sasha was stroking my arms. She didn't know it, but she accidentally started rubbing my nipples through my nightie with her thumbs. Lift your arms. With my eyes still closed, I felt her lift my tits with her hands, rolling my nipples with her fingers.

    Let's see your butt. They puddled around my ankles, and Sasha pulled my butt-cheeks open with her fingers. I heard Sasha put her fingers into her mouth and pull them out with a pop, the same way my dad does when he has to check my temperature when I look feverish. Are you a virgin? She sunk two digits into me, and pressed her palm against my privates.

    I tried not to let her know what she was doing, but I jammed my lips and my little clitty against her hand as hard as I could. I guess she didn't know what I was doing, because she started rubbing her hand back and forth. My dad spoke up: "Sasha asked you a question, Bailey. I am a vi-virgin. Trying not to let her know that it had happened, I pushed my hips back against her hand as slowly as possible. She laughed, and then she pulled her fingers out of my butt. With my eyes still closed, I could hear her walk over to my dad, kiss him on the cheek, and then walk upstairs.

    A few minutes later, the lights in the TV room clicked off. Finally, I opened my eyes and stood up: the house was dark and quiet, and Sasha's dress was draped across the couch where I had been sitting. That night, Sasha left her daughter with Dad and spent the night in Natalie's room along with Champ and Gracie, and I really respected that - she and my dad were obviously dating, but I thought that it was really admirable that they didn't take it too far, too fast.

    The next morning at breakfast, Sasha sat at the table completely naked, and so did Natalie. Once my other sister joined us, she wanted to get naked for breakfast, too. My dad was nowhere to be seen, but Sasha told us that he and Erin were taking a shower together. Breakfast was While she talked with us about school and boys, Sasha calmly took a banana off the counter, licked it, and slipped it between her legs.

    I wasn't sure what exactly was going on until she started breathing heavily. We all stared, but I guess I was too obvious. Is that understood? Without realizing it, I spoke. Unf, fuck, this is good. I think I'm going to like Steve's family. Girls, do you want to try this? Bailey, get on your knees. See if it can fit into you baby sister's tight little cunt. Bailey, come over here.

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    Placing one leg over each of my shoulders, she slid down her chair and wrapped her knees behind my head. My sister spoke: "I think we got it in, Sasha. Louisa May Alcott's beloved children's novel Little Women is one of the classics of American literature. Illustrated by Marc-Camille Chaimowicz. Translation by Eleanor Marx-Aveling. Translation and introduction by Chris Clarke. Illustrations by Gus Bofa. Foreword by Edith Sitwell. Introduction and translation by Louise Rogers Lalaurie. In the last days of the Venetian Republic, the successive wives of Count Alvise Lanzi suffer mysterious, agonizing deaths.

    Translated by Janos Solomon. This series of 23 satirically scabrous short texts introduces the reader to an imaginary French suburb via the strange, grotesque small-town occupations that defined a once reliable, now presumably vanished way of life. It's s New York, and though the coke flows freely, money and glamour are the more powerful intoxicants. Translated and with an introduction by Simon Watson Taylor.

    Paris Peasant is one of the central works of Surrealism, yet Exact Change's edition is the first U. Introduction and translation by W. Two novellas from the inventor of perpetual motion and godfather of German science fiction. Zamora Linmark. Roughhouse gives a harrowingly deadpan account of the tedium, casual violence and deviant sex that connect a surreal, semi-rural childhood with adult urban neurosis. Introduction and translation by John Walker. Illustrations by Rosa Rosa. Translation by W. Introduction by Philippe Soller. Translation by John Harman. Edited by Raphael Gygax.

    Illustrated by Andro Wekua, Rita Ackermann. This is the first paperback edition in English of one of the most important and entertaining works of Surrealist fiction. Edited by Daniele Riviere. Text by Dominique Lestel, Alain Richert. The first installment in Dis Voir's new "illustrated fairy tales for adults," The Adventures of Percival is based on the classic probability proposition that a chimpanzee randomly typing will eventually type a Shakespeare sonnet.

    Edited by Sina Najafi. Preface by Catherine Malabou. What could a Moor and a Christian living in the seventeenth century possibly have to write to each other about? Translated and with an Introduction by Alfred Mac Adam. The eternal mystique of Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa stems largely from his practice of writing under "heteronyms.

    Translation by Kit Schluter. Introduction and translation by Edward Gauvin. Illustrations by Bette Burgoyne. First published in French in , The Cathedral of Mist is a collection of stories from the last of the great Francophone Belgian fantasists: distilled tales of distant journeys, buried memories and impossible architecture. Foreword by Jorge Luis Borges. I am profoundly moved: what a work! Translation by Edward Gauvin. Foreword and translation by Peter Wortsman. Afterword by Detlef Thiel.

    Translated by Paul Knobloch. Translated by Richard Zenith. Afterword by Antonio Tabucchi. Translated by Henry Vale. Illustrations by Patrice Killoffer. Afterword by Francois Taddei. Is death necessarily inevitable? Illustrations by Rick Buckley. The Nose , one of Nikolai Gogol's most important and influential tales, is now available in this gorgeously produced volume, illustrated with photographs by British artist Rick Buckley.

    Photographs by Sarah Dobai. Published as part of the Four Corners Familiars series, this beautiful edition of the great Russian author Nikolai Gogol's The Overcoat a short story originally published in includes newly commissioned artwork from Sarah Dobai. Introduction by Erik Butler. Illustrated by Mireille Fauchon. Introduction by Barbara Wright. With the very first word of his famous play Ubu Roi --"Shite! Introduction and translation by Christina Svendsen. Introduction and translation by Iain White. Illustrated by Andreas Marchal. Translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman. Sia Figiel's powerful, poetic skills weave together the voices of three generations of women from two Samoan families.

    Their dream worlds and realities intermingle, just as the histories of each generation run through the next.