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D'endrrah [55] The Divinity is a sort of blurry female entity of supernatural beauty, dwelling within her obsidian palace located on Mars' Moon Deimos. She lives in a hall composed of a myriad of mirrors that distort her appearance, which is that of a tentacled dark abyss. This Mythos entity is somewhat inspired by C. Moore 's Shambleau , the illusionary Martian she-vampires of lust.

Ialdagorth The Dark Devourer is both the cousin and servant of Azathoth , appearing as a black, shapeless, malevolent mist.

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The sight of such a fiend is unsettling if not traumatizing. Kaajh'Kaalbh [81] is a lesser Outer God, servitor of Azathoth , but secluded in a parallel chaotic-dimension where everything is unstable. The god itself is constantly formed or disrupted, and has no true form at all. Whoever attempts summoning this entity needs the aid of a Dimensional Shambler , and the deity may manifest in variety of forms, often as an immense lava lake or a vast pool of solidified quicksilver.

On closer examination it appears a wet, warty globe, covered with countless ovoid pustules and spider-webbed with a network of long, narrow tunnels. Each pustule bears the larva of a Great Old One. An invisible wolf-like fiend similar to Fenrir of Norse mythology if not coincident. Although not an actual Outer God as such, its form and astounding powers defy standard classification. Mh'ithra's eternal battle with Yog-Sothoth is said to be legendary.

A Lesser Outer God composed of slime, tentacles, eyes, and mouths. The Mother of Pus was spawned through an obscene mating between a human and Shub-Niggurath. When summoned to Earth, the Mother of Pus seeks refuge in pools of stagnant, foul water. The Nameless Mist Nyog' Sothep? Once close, an eye of flame forms within.

He coincides with the entity known as the Magnum Tenebrosum. First appearing in Lovecraft's prose poem of the same name, he was later mentioned in other works by Lovecraft and by other writers and in the tabletop role-playing games making use of the Cthulhu Mythos. Later writers describe him as one of the Outer Gods.

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Once an Elder God, Nyctelios [82] has been punished by his peers - especially Nodens - for having created a race of foul servitors. He has been permanently banished from the Elder Gods' Olympus, and imprisoned beneath the eastern Mediterranean Sea , near Greece , in a dark, basalt-built citadel named Atheron. However the exiled deity is not dead, but just sleeping, and one day he will rise again from his abyss manifesting himself as a blue, 6-metre tall, cyclops -like monstrosity, with the bulk of his body covered entirely in crawling worms. A goat-like fiendish horror with bat wings and multiple horns, mentioned as the brother of Shub-Niggurath.

Olkoth God of the Celestial Arcs [83] appears as a demoniacal god-like entity able to reincarnate in human bodies if the stars are right sort of a "Cthulhian" Antichrist.

nights over egypt an eye of the storm short Manual

Shabbith-Ka appears as a shapeless, roughly man-sized purplish aura, spitting and crackling with powerful electrical arcs. A sense of power, malignancy, and intelligence accompanies it and persons able to gaze at its form long enough can see a rudimentary face or faces within the glowing mass. The Star Mother appears as a chunk of yellow-green stone about the size of an infant. Its shape suggests a plump, huge-breasted, faceless female figure.

From it extend dozens of pencil-thin root-like strands. It is one of the Larvae of the Other Gods and has no cult, although served by zombie slaves. Suc'Naath is one of the mindless gods which twist and dance in the court of Azathoth. It appears as a formless spinning hurricane -like thing with strings of violet and golden colors across its shape, constantly emitting sickening smacking and screeching noises while showing pain-stricken faces across its body.

Suc'Naath's essence is currently divided into three parts, one in a comet called Aiin , the other in some sort of statue located somewhere in the World, while the third has been genetically passed on for aeons through prehuman, and now human races of earth, mostly in the middle east. If these three parts are ever to be combine, Suc'Naath will be freed. This entity is served by a small middle-eastern cult known as the Golden Hands of Suc'Naath , who collect deranged intellectuals and trained assassins, who wish to set Suc'Naath free they may have connections to the old Hashashin cult as well.

It has no shape, but manifests as haunting music. Tulzscha appears as a blazing green ball of flame, dancing with its Lesser Outer Gods at the court of Azathoth. Called to our world, it assumes a gaseous form, penetrates the planet to the core, then erupts from below as a pillar of flame. It cannot move from where it emerges. Uvhash The Blood-Mad God of the Void appears as a colossal, vampiric, red mass of both tentacles and eyes.

It dwells within the realm of Rhylkos , which matches with the red planet Mars , and whoever summons Uvhash witnesses an atrocious death. He has affinities with the star vampires , and is rumored to have been one of mad emperor Caligula 's eldritch sponsors as well. There is some affinity with the Great Old One Hastur [85]. She spawned the Great Old One Zstylzhemgni by fission. A gigantic, bat-winged humanoid with detached eyes, wearing a green robe.

This horrible deity sees all time and space as it slowly rotates in the centre of its clearing within the Jungle of Kled , in Earth's Dreamlands. Beneath its billowing cloak are a multitude of nightgaunts , suckling and clutching at its breasts. Yidhra The Dream Witch or Yee-Tho-Rah [89] usually appears as a youthful, attractive, earthly female, though her shape may vary.

Yidhra has been on Earth since the first microorganisms appeared and is immortal. To survive in a changing environment, she gained the ability to take on the characteristics of any creature that she devoured. Over time, Yidhra split herself into different aspects, though each part shares her consciousness. Members of Yidhra's cult can gain immortality by merging with her, though they become somewhat like Yidhra as a consequence. Those who serve her are also promised plentiful harvests and healthy livestock.

She usually conceals her true form behind a powerful illusion, appearing as a comely young woman; only favored members of her cult can see her as she actually is. Yomagn'tho The Feaster from the Stars , That Which Relentlessly Waits Outside is a malevolent being who wishes nothing more than the destruction of mankind for unknown reasons. He waits in his home dimension in Pherkard , until he is summoned to Earth. When first summoned, Yomagn'tho appears as a small ball of fire that quickly expands to a large circle of fire with three flaming inner petals.

The reptilian burrowing folk, the Rhygntu , are known to worship this malignant deity. In post-Lovecraft stories, the Elder Gods oppose the likes of Cthulhu and his ilk. Derleth attempted to retroactively group the benevolent deity Nodens in this category who acts as deus ex machina for the protagonists in both The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and " The Strange High House in the Mist ".

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Pulver mentions in his Nightmare's Disciple a series of original Elder Gods, though lacking of any description about their true form. Sk'tai and Eppirfon are both siblings. Eppirfon was originally Cthulhu 's second bride who bore him a son, T'ith , now dead, murdered by Cthulhu himself. The following is another Elder God with no description: Walter C. DeBill, Jr. A creation of Brian Lumley , Kthanid looks the same as Cthulhu except for eye colour. Although its expression is bright and blinding, no one feels its heat.

No one can look at Oryx more than a few seconds; after the first glance, the eyes of anyone who looks become sore and watery. It is symbolized by a seven-pointed star symbol, which is his own Seal. Nodens "Lord of the Great Abyss" appears as a human male riding a huge seashell pulled by legendary beasts. Another Brian Lumley deity. Has the same appearance as Yog-Sothoth, except its spheres are of a different color and its nature is purely benevolent.

Yaggdytha "The Incandescent One" is twin brother of Vorvadoss , manifesting as a great, amorphous, incandescent ball of cyan living energy, spreading itself into a web of giant talons of light. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Cthulhu Mythos. See also: Old One in fiction. See also: List of Great Old Ones. Main article: Abhoth. Main article: Daoloth. Main article: Ghroth.

Main article: Nyarlathotep. Main article: Shub-Niggurath. Main article: Ubbo-Sathla. Main article: Xexanoth. Main article: Yhoundeh. Main article: Yog-Sothoth. Price, "H. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos", Crypt of Cthulhu 35 , p. Laws Periodical role-playing game material. Baoht Z'uqqa-Mogg first appeared in this gaming supplement. Lumley expanded Sutton's tale and gave his unnamed entity its name—Bugg-Shash—which effectively tied Sutton's creation to the mythos. Robert M.

Schwader's "Fiesta For Our Lady" The name is fictional, H. Lovecraft has not described it in the original story "The Temple". It is an original creation based on the Moon Ladder mentioned in the H. P Lovecraft novella "At the Mountains of Madness". Lee's "Genuine Article" Merritt 's Dwellers in the Mirage , a fantasy novel which involves many of H. Lovecraft's leitmotivs. Though mentioned as a "Elder God" in the original story, the few details concerning Krang an evil mind and a hideous appearance according to description seem rather to qualify him as a "Great Old One", since he has fallen in a death-like slumber, likely bound to mysterious astral conjunctions.

Aniolowski, Malleus Monstrorum , p. Lovecraft's "Horror at Red Hook". Barlow and H. Lovecraft's "The Hoard of Wizard-Beast" Daniel Harms believes that Pharol was invented by C. Moore , Henry Kuttner's wife, since the being appears in many of her stories. Barlow 's "The Fidelity of Ghu" as rival or nemesis of Krang. Rollenspiel in der Welt des H. Lovecraft , in Jan Christoph Steines' scenario "Jahrhundertsommer" i.

Lovecraft, which may in turn have itself influenced Merritt's later story Dwellers in the Mirage. See The Moon Pool. Howard as a "demon-god", very similar to Lovecraft's Great Old Ones. Fultz; Jonathan Burns McKinnon and Dylan K. Berglund's "Whiteout" Aniolowski's Malleus Monstrorum , p. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. Fungi from Yuggoth. Lovecraft: A Life H. Category Portal. Categories : Cthulhu Mythos deities Fictional deities Lists of fictional deities.

Hidden categories: All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from August Articles with permanently dead external links All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November CS1 maint: Uses authors parameter. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A grey festering blob of infinite malevolence, described as the lesser brother of Tsathoggua or spawn of Cthulhu , born from his bile and tears.

A gigantic mysterious entity whose cult is perhaps coincident with that of Egyptian God Amun. Once dwelling in a gigantic palace known as Gz-eh near the Valley of the Kings , his dreaming force was able to shape reality. Causing life to eventually flourish within the Nile Valley , over 3, years ago, before the stars ceased to be right, and the advancing desert entombed his titanic body beneath the sands. Priests of his cult have built up secret subterranean mausoleums to access the Great Old One's body, and please the slumbering god by giving cattle as sacrificial victims. A humanoid-torso with tentacles instead of limbs, and a short neck ending in a toothless, featureless mouth.

A giant spider with a human -like face. Daughter of both Yig and the Outer Goddess Yidhra , appearing as a gigantic octopus-like horror with serpentine eyes, and detachable tentacles, which may move independently. She dwells within the cavern of a deep canyon somewhere in Texas. A tall, shadowy humanoid figure with yellow glowing eyes, and strange protrusions like the branches of dead trees. She is a servant of Shub-Niggurath. Baoht Z'uqqa-Mogg.

A huge, flying scorpion with an ant -like head. Not described, possibly a humanoid crustacean or a gigantic crab. Bugg-Shash [11]. Appears as a black slimy mass covered in eyes and mouths, much like a Shoggoth. Revered as a god of the dead and reanimated the deceased to sustain itself on their life force. Theorized to be an avatar of Nyarlathotep, though this is not confirmed.

Appears as a gigantic multicolored toad with one eye, a proboscis, crab -like claws, and tentacles below the mouth. A vampiric elephant -like humanoid, with a mouth on the end of its trunk. Serpent Skirted One [12]. Appears as a gigantic reptilian humanoid with two facing snakes in place of an actual head, as depicted in the Coatlicue statue. She was the former mate of Yig , revered in K'n-yan along with her consort. A marine tentacled horror made of fish , whale , and octopus -like features.

Crom Cruach [15]. Master of the Runes , Bloody Crooked One [16]. Not described, but likely something gigantic and serpent or worm -like. Half- sister of Cthulhu , which spawned the Star-Spawn of Cthulhu. A massive hybrid of human, octopus , and dragon. He is usually depicted as being hundreds of meters tall, with webbed arms, tentacles, and a pair of rudimentary wings on his back. Appears as a huge winged octopus -like creature with six eyes.

Youngest of Cthulhu and Idh-yaa's progeny. Appears as a gigantic black mass of tentacles, with a single green eye at the center. Ocean dwelling deity that presides over the Deep Ones.

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  • A serpentine likely Tremors -like earth-shaking horror dwelling in the subsoil of Memphis , US. The Dweller in the Gulf. Appears as a huge, eyeless, black, soft-shelled tortoise with a triangular head, two whip-like tails, and suckers on the end of each tail. A jewel-facetted, semi-crystalline geode with mineral tentacles. A gigantic saurian creature similar to Bokrug , but terrestrial, and endowed with a mane of tentacles. A ravenous plant-god who arrived from Xiclotl to Earth, awed by the Insects from Shaggai. He appears as a white orb hiding an enormous magenta excrescence, like an orchid or a lamprey -like mouth, with emerald tentacles, tipped with hands emerging from within the hideous mass.

    Appears as a huge, pallid, gelatinous oval with a myriad of legs and multiple eyes. Etepsed Egnis [19].

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    • Lord of the Volcano , Thoa [20]. Appears as a colossal horror with multifarious appendages, and Gorgon -like powers.

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      A cosmic-entity manifesting as a gigantic, spongy, and fleshy mass covered in a myriad of both eyes and spines. He is said to be the nemesis of the Outer God Uvhash, usually summoned to contrast this deity. Appears as a giant three-eyed slug with metallic spines, and tiny pyramid-like feet underneath.

      An eyeless and deaf Lunar deity worshiped in the ancient continent of Theem'dra, as well as in the Dreamlands , often mentioned as similar to Mnomquah , though apparently not related to each other. Usually manifests through a Dionysian sculpture, but its true form is that of a gigantic wattled slug -thing. Appears as a colossal pillar of amorphous alien flesh, with a cyclopean head.

      It drags up the continent it is summoned in, and causes the entire world to suddenly cave-in on itself. A vaporous red entity haunting the rainforest of Central Africa. It has the power to turn humans into zombie -like servants, the Tree-Men of M'bwa. A gigantic entity dwelling in some reverse dimension, resembling a huge bullet with a long proboscis.

      Appears as a gigantic, black, toad -like creature with an impossibly malevolent glare, or a tentacled, scaled, bat-winged entity. An entity cut in ten pieces by Yig during a time of great battle one of these pieces is an alabaster dish found in Egypt, dated back 1, BC. It resembles and has a similar domain as the Greek god Bacchus. A sentient plant -like entity dwelling within a series of subterranean caverns, where it is always served by mutant rabbit-like worshipers.

      A monstrous bird -like fiend with sharp teeth, dwelling beneath Antarctica , vaguely resembling an extinct pterosaur. A destructive entity manifesting as a ravenous metallic vortex. He seems to be another half-brother of Cthulhu , like Hastur , and related to the slug-like Glaaki as well. He has also been called a "son of Yog-Sothoth ".

      Whether these titles are literal or conceal some dark truth about the Destroyer, none can ascertain. He dwells somewhere in the Pleiades stellar region, and when summoned, he brings devastation. A shadowy incorporeal entity dwelling in the Dreamlands. A great shadow thing, with two glaring red eyes, able to transform the skull of its victims into green glowing stones carved with strange symbols.

      A tentacled amoebic horror with multiple eyes, orifices, and a dangling gland forming a hideous face.

      Nights Over Egypt (An Eye of the Storm Short)

      After observing the comet for several weeks, an orbit was calculated. It was found that the orbit was of short period, In November that year, a Leonid storm was anticipated. The sheer number of meteors startled observers in Europe, who scrambled to count the numerous meteors and determine the radiant position. An orbit was calculated for the meteoroids assuming a period of 33 years, and the similarity with the comet orbit was discovered.

      The return of was eagerly awaited. Paris scientists launched a balloon with the first meteor airborne astronomer Dorothea Klumpke. That year, many meteors crossed the sky, but the sharp main peak of past Leonid storms was not observed. The comet also did not show itself again. However, strong activity continued until , with rates increasing to storm conditions in In rates went up again, but a big storm was not observed. At the time, it was thought that the shower was lost because of a close encounter with Uranus prior to the return. Or, perhaps, the storm was simply missed by the more scientifically oriented observers because of bad weather.

      Such is not uncommon in the northern hemisphere in the middle of November. Calculations would later reveal that this comet passed closer to the Earth's orbit 0. Some predicted the return of a storm over Europe. Instead, a tremendous storm of tens of thousands of Leonids fell for a short interval timed by skywatchers in the central and western United States on November 17th, This display probably rivaled the historic showers of and Within just two hours, observed rates increased from about 40 per hour to flurries of as much as 40 per second!

      A rate of about , per hour was seen for about 20 minutes. Scott Murrell. Read more eye-witness accounts here. A strong spike of activity stands out above the daily variation of sporadic activity. Astronomer Peter Jenniskens was among the first to notice the high Leonid rates on November 18 that year, when the shower was as strong as the Perseids in August.

      The outburst lasted a little over a day and was rich in bright meteors.