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They see the Dalek Emperor , as well as a device which the Doctor believes to be the technology that allows the Daleks to manipulate history. The Doctor and Amy are captured by Daleks and taken before the Emperor. The Emperor explains that the Daleks will become the new Time Lords with control over the Time Vortex, through the use of the " Eye of Time ", a powerful tool previously kept on Gallifrey. The Doctor escapes with Amy by leaping into the Eye which transports them back in time to an earlier ruined Kaalann which is infested with Varga plants just prior to the arrival of the Daleks with the Eye.

The Doctor sends Amy to find components that he can use to create a device that will blind the Daleks. Despite beginning to fade once more, Amy finds the parts and the Doctor constructs the device. In the Council Chamber, the Daleks, led by the white Supreme Dalek , are preparing to use the Eye to launch an attack on Earth in Amy, still fading, activates the blinding device affecting the Daleks. This allows the Doctor to free the Eye from its restraints and to flee the room with Amy. Amy is no longer fading out of existence.

A number of flashbacks show an excavation of an arctic base. A worker at the base called Chisholm flees from the base on a Snowmobile where he finds a Cyberman arm. Chisholm falls off a cliff and gets badly hurt. The Doctor goes to the base entrance where he encounters a Cyberslave.

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After Amy kills the Cyberslave they enter the base. The head of the operation, Professor Meadows voiced by Sarah Douglas , tells them that all of her crew have been turned into Cyberslaves. The Doctor starts on a serum to reverse the effects of the Cyberman conversion. To reach the communications room they have to get past Cybermats and then a Cyberslave which tries to kill Amy. The Doctor and Amy hear over the radio that a team is coming to the base, however they can't be warned until the radio is repaired.

The Doctor has developed a cure which they give to the part changed Chisholm. Chisholm shows them a lift in which they go down underground. Trying to get to the control room the Doctor and Amy have to get around Cyberslaves. However, Amy is kidnapped by two Cyberslaves.

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The Doctor reaches the control room where he finds Professor Meadows is now a Cyberslave. She forces the Doctor to revive the Cybermen from stasis to save Amy. The Doctor saves Amy but he needs to stop the Cybermen. The intervention of Chisholm allows him to do this and they escape from underground before an explosion destroys everything. After that the Cybermen are seen frozen on ice. After the TARDIS steadies itself, Amy looks outside and sees the Doctor hovering, still conscious and surrounded by a number of strange blue worms, a short distance away.

The blue worms, known as 'Chronomites', are somewhat harmless parasites, although they can make you 'very itchy'. The Doctor brings himself and Amy back into the same time and deals with the creature, the " Entity ", by releasing it into the vortex so that it can feed on the Chronomites while the Chronomites feed on it, the two keeping each other contained.

The Doctor plans to take Amy to 23rd century London just after a 'Great Flood', but finds that the underwater city is being prowled by a gigantic shark-like creature. The episode begins with the Doctor and Amy being stalked through the underwater city from the end of the previous episode by an enormous shark-like creature known as a ' Zaralok '. The two make their way through a series of tunnels while the Zaralok tries to ram its way in; while they manage to escape, the Zaralok destroys one of the tunnels, separating them from the TARDIS.

They head over to the city's central building, Poseidon Eight, where they are greeted by an oceanographer called Martin. The Doctor explains to Amy how sea levels rose dramatically, causing the entire human race to rebuild on higher land. However, underwater cities like this one, Poseidon, were built in order to harvest resources from the ocean floor. He also notes how the Zaralok is obviously not indigenous to Earth, and must have somehow relocated from another world. Martin explains how Poseidon's workers have been suffering from some form of disease, and how Jones, the intelligent computer monitoring Poseidon, has been forced to place the crew under quarantine.

Martin then takes the Doctor and Amy to meet Dana, the crew's medic, and Oswald, the captain. Before they are able to explain any more about the situation, the lights go out due to a generator malfunction; when they come back on, Martin's flesh has been eaten away from his skeleton inside his diving suit. The Doctor realises that Poseidon has also been infested by Vashta Nerada. The Doctor and Amy travel through Poseidon's tunnels, while still being stalked by the Zaralok, in order to reach the generator and switch the lights back on.

After evading a pair of divers, now dead and re-animated by the Vashta Nerada, they succeed and head back to meet Oswald.

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The Doctor explains how he found a radiation detector on one of the diving suits which has picked up a form of radiation that Jones was unable to identify. The Doctor believes the radiation is of alien origin and he knows how to create a cure to stop it; however, Oswald is reluctant to let him back out into the tunnels to find the required ingredients. He instead intends to send everybody up to the surface in safety pods — a bad idea, as they would surely be destroyed by the Zaralok. Oswald still refuses to let them out, and closes off the city outside Poseidon Eight.

The Doctor convinces Dana to reopen the tunnels; she also gives away that the Zaralok, the Vashta Nerada and the radiation all seemed to appear after a flash of light a short distance away from Poseidon only a few days ago. After getting back out into Poseidon, the Doctor finds the ingredients for the cure simply numerous types of vegetation from the seabed and heads back to Dana's lab.

He manages to create the cure and heal Dana, who was starting to suffer from the radiation, but Oswald enters with a harpoon gun and threatens the Doctor to back off so that he and Dana can evacuate Poseidon. Oswald leaves with Dana, while the Doctor and Amy find Jones and use its scanners to identify the source of the light Dana mentioned.

The Americans had attempted to give the ship cloaking technology and had asked Albert Einstein for help, but they accidentally opened a wormhole which the ship then jumped through into another world. After being there for centuries, the ship then jumped back through another wormhole and landed outside Poseidon, but the hole is still open and has allowed the creatures as well as the radiation to come through.


They then travel to the Eldridge, seeking to close the wormhole. The Doctor believes that closing the gap will bring everything that came through back as well. The two make their way to the Accelerator room, which is at the heart of the gap. Amy makes her way to the top, followed by the Doctor, who survives a close encounter with the Vashta Nerada. After they reach the controls which can close the wormhole, the Zaralok, which is apparently aware of their intentions, attacks the Eldridge, and begins to smash its way into the Accelerator.

Just before it reaches them, the Doctor finishes the process, and the Zaralok is dragged back through the wormhole along with the Vashta Nerada and the disease. Back at Poseidon Eight, Oswald apologises for his earlier behaviour, saying how he only wished to protect his people. He then offers for the Doctor and Amy to join them for Christmas dinner, an offer they decide to run from when they find that the main course is a helping of Oswald's prize crop — 'Sea Pumpkin'.

An episodic adventure game from Telltale Games, based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman. The main theme of The Walking Dead: Season One revolves around a dramatic struggle for survival in a world infested by zombies. The player assumes the role of Lee Everett, one of the few survivors. The gameplay emphasizes exploration, dialogues, collecting items, and puzzle solving. The most significant feature are in-game moral choices the protagonist has to make, and whose consequences are often made visible only after some time. The developers created a highly interactive environment to give the players a good degree of freedom in puzzle solving.

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The Walking Dead: Season One catches the eye with its comic-like style, achieved with cel shading. Another episodic adventure game developed by the experienced American studio Telltale Games, who had produced many highly acclaimed video games based on famous films, books, and comic books, such as Back to the Future, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. Winterbottom , while the development process was supervised by the original creators of the franchise from the reactivated Sierra Studios.

The player assumes the role of the old king Graham, who tells his granddaughter, Gwendolyn, of the fantastic adventures from his youth, which eventually led him to the throne of Daventry. Despite employing 3D graphics, the game mechanics takes after the classic installments in the series, focusing on exploration, dialogues, and puzzle solving.

The game also features platform sequences, in which the hero has to jump over chasms and avoid various traps. An adventure game that refers to So Blonde. We play the role of Captain Morgane on her first independent and dangerous journey. This time we visit five different islands and return to several locations known from previous adventures.

The game is a typical representative of the genre - during the game we collect items, solve puzzles and conduct conversations. An episodic adventure game based on Back to the Future, the cult film trilogy by Robert Zemeckis. The game depicts the adventures of two film heroes: Marty McFly and the crazy scientist Dr. Emmett Brown, taking off six months after the conclusion of the trilogy.

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Gameplay boils down to exploration, conversations, puzzle solving, and collecting useful items. The game consists of six episodes, originally distributed in regular time intervals. Back to the Future features colorful, cartoonish graphics.

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As for the audio, the crazy doctor was voiced by Christopher Lloyd, who reprised his role from the film. This title was developed by Telltale Games studio that specializes in this genre. Story-wise, the game follows the plot started in Borderlands 2, following two characters: Fiona, a con artist, and Rhys, an employee of the Hyperion corporation equipped with cybernetic implants. Improved edition of the PC Adventure Anna. Developers took care not only of nicer graphics, but also new locations, additional puzzles or a changed interface.

The games' console port, created over 10 years after the original release, does not change the gameplay or visuals much, but it introduces gamepad support. In Siberia, you play as a young lawyer named Kate Walker, who was hired by a toymaking company to finalize formalities regarding a takeover of a factory in a small European town. The story begins when the protagonist arrives in the town and learns that the factory's owner, Anna Voralberg, is dead. To complete her task, Walker has to find Voralberg's heir, Hans.

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During the search, you visit various locations and solve a range of logic puzzles. Goosebumps: The Game was based on the license of popular books written by R. The player takes on the role of a kid that on their way home from school, discovers that the neighborhood has been taken over by monsters - werewolfs are lurking in the forest nearby, gnomes are running along sidewalks and scarecrows walk the streets at night. The monsters have their origins in books written by said author and the player's goal here is to stop their leader, the so-called Slappy.

The gameplay formula was based on exploring various locations, gathering items, talking to other characters and solving puzzles. Goosebumps: The Game does not make any references to the film bearing the same title, the debut of which coincided with the release of the game.

An episodic adventure game with arcade elements, whose plot enriches a popular series of books and films under the same title. Most of the time we visit and search new locations, conduct conversations, collect objects and tips and solve puzzles. From time to time, however, we have to show reflexes in arcade sequences.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is a remake of one of the best adventure games in history, prepared by developers from LucasArts. Players take on the role of pirate Guybrusha Threepwood, who intends to defeat the cruel corsair LeChuk and win the heart of the beautiful governor Elaine Marley. The creators took care of, among others, a new audio-visual setting for the game, as well as a useful hint system.

An episodic adventure game created by Telltale Games, the experts of the genre, in cooperation with Mojang Ab, The game is set in the cult universe of Minecraft, whose world stands on the brink of destruction, and the only chance of saving it is a legendary brotherhood, known as the Order of the Stone. You play as a character named Jesse, who, together with his friends, sets off on a perilous journey to find the Order and save the world. The title is modeled after other productions from the studio, consisting of 5 separate episodes, throughout which you have to make tough choices that shape the story.

What puts this game apart from other Telltale Games titles is the graphics, far from their traditional comic stylistics. Instead, the game features distinctive voxel-art graphics, which means both the environment and characters look like made of big square blocks. Red Johnson's Chronicles is an adventure game in a unique style, whose main character is a detective who solves the murder case. The player directs pirate Guybrusha Threepwood, who together with his wife Elaine is looking for a way to defeat the accidentally released magic of Voodoo.

The creators remained faithful to the atmosphere of earlier editions of the Monkey Island series, modernizing the audio-visual setting and introducing a number of new elements of the gameplay. The player gets to know further adventures of private detective Red Johnson and tries to solve dark criminal riddles. The game is distinguished by unconventional styling of the visual setting and an interesting plot with humorous elements. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Trending Now.